Work Lunges Into Your Exercise Routine

Summer time is upon us, which means that we're wearing shorts, skirts, and swim suits! Summer styling is just so much simpler. And, I know you've heard about my love of flip-flops. I'm a happy girl, just because of my flip-flops. Along with the summer season we usually have more travel and less routine. Two things that also make me happy! But with these changes can also come the need to squeeze in more exercise "on the go." The cool thing about a lot of different exercises are that you really can do them anywhere. Today I am going to break down the STATIONARY LUNGE for you. As a fitness instructor, this is probably the exercise that has required the most amount of coaching over the years. Lunges are hard. Lunges take a lot of discipline to do correctly. But trust me, they can get you some awesome results. Results of lean, strong, and toned legs. Which sounds good to me with all of this short and skirt talk. ...more
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No More Excuses - A 13 Minute Work Out

Everyone has a busy schedule, and the most common excuse for not exercising is, “I don’t have enough time.” Well, that isn’t an excuse anymore. You do have time. How about when you’re watching TV? Or when you’re taking a quick break from the computer? Or when you wake up? We plan, we schedule, we work, we cook, we do chores, we care for family and friends, but when do we have time to spend on ourselves? ...more