What Is This Guy Doing With a Picture of My Foot?

It happens to every blogger. At some point, someone leaves a rude comment or even one that might be scary, and it makes you think. Am I taking unnecessary risks? Am I putting myself out there in ways that I shouldn't be? Is blogging really worth whatever risks I might be taking? ...more

This gave me the heebie jeebies when I read about it on BBM. ICK ICK ICK. Ick.

Somer ...more

Is Blog Lurking Really So Wrong?

I lurk on blogs. There, I said it! I read content and don’t leave any thoughts, feedback, useful criticisms or provide new and interesting avenues of discussion. I eavesdrop on conversations and then sneak away, directing my friends to those posts which we then discuss on our own. I sometimes act upon knowledge gleaned and conclusions drawn from those preyed upon posts. I steal away with book suggestions, often running off to buy them and many more by the same author and others I encounter on my buying spree. ...more

This is a great point. Sometimes, I get to a post late and it already has a crazy amount of ...more