LUSH Big Shampoo

 I have been hearing about this product on the internet for months. It only had good reviews and I have been wanting to try it for a while. I have to say that the main reason why I was holding off was the price: it is quite pricey for a shampoo....more

LUSH Santa's Lip Scrub: Cute Little Stocking Stuffer

I love all things hearts so I couldn't resist LUSH Santa's Lip Scrub, a red sugar lip exfoliator with edible little red hearts! Although a little messy (apply it over the sink), it does work, and it tastes good: sweet and cola-ish. At $8.95, it makes a great little gift or stocking stuffer for a girly girl or a heart lover. See pix on the blog...more

Introduction and Lush Sugar Scrub Review

Hello all! My name is Kassandra and I figured I would give a try at this whole blogging-thing. So first of all, and introduction to myself. I am currently going into my fourth semester at a community college in my hometown. I also consider myself to be a teacher, even though I'm really not. Sometimes I vocal coach at high school (right now I'm trying out a middle school) whenever they put on musicals. Eventually, I would love to become a high school theatre and English teacher....more

Confessions of a Bad Bath Taker

I've always wanted to be the type who takes baths. Even when I was a kid, it just seemed like a romantic, luxurious thing to do. Hot water, bubbles, candles, wine, a good book. Is this not a recipe for the best time ever? Well, for me, sadly not.First of all, I'm tall. At 5'9", I just don't fit in a bathtub. I can sit up and stretch out my legs, leaving my entire torso exposed. Or I can slouch down to cover my navel with water with my knees sticking up awkwardly and uncomfortably. It never releases the tension in my neck because of the angle at which I have to hold my head....more

An Artist Loved Me Once

It's wonderful to be loved by an artist.  When they paint you over and over, it makes you feel beautiful.The painter and I were pen pals before we met.  My roommate was dating a sculptor.  The sculptor was friends with the painter, and voila!  I loved to get his letters.  I ran to the mailbox every day.  Each envelope was a work of art.  Even his signature was aesthetic--a swoop of a first initial, a period, then his last name.  You can fall in love with someone who writes you a lot.  Happens all the time these days.He sent me a b...more

Winterizing Your Beauty Arsenal: A Three-pronged Attack

In years past, I've played around and tested various items to keep my skin from, you know, looking scaly and leprous, but I've never managed to catch it in time before the combination of the cold temperatures and our ridiculous WWI-era radiator heating had started affecting it. This year, I finally got it right. I'm proud to say I've found a way to stave off Icky Winter Skin, once and for all. ...more

It works great and is so cute. My girlfriend liked it... awesome.more

Product reviews, Stuff I use everyday

There are so many reviews on products you have never seen before, and that is wonderful! But what about those products that are stocked on the shelves that you pass everyday. Have you ever picked up a lotion or a makeup or a shampoo and just wonder? I thought I would walk around my house and share a few things I love, or have waisted money on, and give a few reviews. ...more