'Smart Love' - Love Secret #1: Ditch the Crazy Falling And Climb Intelligently Into Love

Everyone wants to fall in love. It is portrayed as an uncontrolled plummet into a spectrum of emotions that make us do crazy things – both good and bad. It is a cruel situation, for, if falling in love is uncontrollable then the one thing that everyone wants can’t be bought, won or even charmed with a magic potion....more

Is This Lust A Must?

 Most of us can relate to the butterflies in your stomach kind of excitement you feel when meeting someone new that you are attracted to.  This doesn’t happen with everyone you meet and you really can’t force this kind of immediate chemistry, it is either there or it isn’t.  This feeling is called lust.  Lust is an intense desire or craving and in this case it is sexual.  Your hormones react to the hormones in another person and you become turned on.   Sexual attraction however can build over time.  You may start off as friends but over time build a p...more

Is An Affair Ever "Acceptable"?

Adulterous affairs have pretty much always been seen as wrong, but are some less wrong?  The “other woman” has traditionally been the scorned party, a negative force. But is this changing?  Is adultery becoming more acceptable?...more

My first sexual experience

I have been thinking today about all the sexual experiences I have had, in attempt to find some reasoning into my sexual desires. My first sexual experience happened when I was in year 8 with a boy named Andrew. Andrew in hindsight was not good for me. He introduced me into the world of smoking marijuana and taking acid....more
I have an unusual story to write, not unique I'm sure but different. The difference lies in the ...more

A Husband, A Father, A Mormon... And Gay?

Josh Weed is a husband, a father, a member of the Mormon Church -- and he's gay. Earlier this month, he and his wife coauthored a post on his blog about how they have made their marriage work these past ten years. This is a summary of their story, as well as a roundup of the different aspects of this story that concern the blogosphere. ...more
 @avflox Hey there, yes, words are just that. Words. People can say a lot with words, but they ...more

LUST: I'm taking on the 7 Deadly Sins

I am writing a series about the 7 Sins. Pride was first and now it's LUST.http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/snow-white-doesnt-live-here-anymore/...Your Shameless Friend,Ginawww.ginabarreca.comTwitter @TheGinaBarreca...more

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She said "I love you," and meant forever.He said "I love you," and meant for now.She dreamed of making a life with himHe dreamed of making love with herShe gave her heart to himHe gave his body to herShe can't forget himHe doesn't remember she existed.© 2011 Teresa Kander...more

His & Her Blog - The Beginning

A Ribbon in the Sky for Our Love...Or Just a Cloak for Our Lust?

Stevie told me that there’s a ribbon in the sky for our love. And I was so excited to hear that because this promised ribbon was the only evidence of our love.  There was no appreciation in the voice for our love, no meaning in the eyes for our love and definitely no ring on the finger for our love. So this ribbon, this highly-glorified, highly-anticipated, highly-trusted, cupid-acting strand of fabric better be special. So I went on a mission, an exploration if you will, to find this ribbon....more