Anti-Choice Bills Will Send Women to the Back Alleys

Allow me to surprise some of you.  I’m a deeply religious person, and I’m pro-choice.  So are many others in my Presbyterian congregation in suburban Upper Arlington, Ohio.  So are many other deeply religious people and clergy (men and women) who I work with across Ohio through the Ohio Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.  We come from Judaic, Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopal, United Church of Christ, Unitarian Universalist, and Lutheran faiths.  Yes, you read that right.  Religion and Choice.   In fact, when the Ohio legislature writes law...more

US Lutherans affirm gay/lesbian clergy and allow blessings of same sex unions

The Lutherans did it! ...more

This really is big news, as the Lutherans are the largest protestant group in the US. It may ...more

Mere Christianity in a PostModern World

I posted links to a great series of articles of importance to all Christians, but especially those in mainline denominations.  I'd love to hear your comments! ...more

on church

i need to preface this by saying that i absolutely love my church. and i mean that. i go to a great, progressive, interesting lutheran church in northwest washington d.c. that is filled with all kinds of wonderful, supportive people who have made my time here much less lonely. ...more