I'm not angry at you

"I'm not angry with you; I just want to talk." I find myself saying this to my son more and more often. I say it when he's gotten a bad report on the bus. I say it when he's yelled at me for reminding him to brush his teeth and he claims I didn't ask him to do that. I say it when I know he is lying to me....more

Uncovering the Reason Kids Lie and How to Deal

In last week’s podcast, I talked about kids lying, the reason kids lie and how to deal with it. It’s important to understand that it’s perfectly normal for children to tell lies. Lying is a sign of complex cognitive development, so most kids will pass through this important phase of development. As parents, it’s our job to guide them to a better place of understanding what it means to tell a lie, why honesty is so important, and how to “come clean” when a lie has been told....more

Truth Be Told

A preacher had all of the children gathered up front one Sunday morning and was giving a children’s sermon on the topic of love and how to show others your love for them. He asked the group, “have any of you ever seen your Mommy and Daddy kiss?” One little girl quickly raised her hand and, much to her parents’ embarrassment, announced, “I’ve seen them do a lot more than kiss!” Before she could be stopped, she added, “I’ve seen them hug.” The congregation let out a collective sigh....more

Six Peculiar Things That Kids Do

 When is the last time you reached you finger up your nose, picked out a big booger, and then smeared it all over the wall?  Or found yourself swimming in freezing cold water for fun? Have you recently found yourself laughing hysterically at the mere mention of the word poop and fart (ok, I will admit to this)?  Kids do a lot of strange things that leave us scratching our heads. ...more

Lying to our sons

There are the lies that I intentionally tell my son: The tooth fairy, Santa, that dinosaurs come alive at night. And then there are the lies that I don't mean to tell my son, like that I will be home from work on time....more

But Honestly...

I am sorry to say that honesty appears to no longer be a valued virtue in our society.  Many of us stretch the truth to the breaking point or even make up outrageous stories to get what we want, whether it be some type of advantage or just to avoid the consequences of a previous misdeed.  The illegality of fraud seems to have been reduced to little more than a technicality....more

Liars School

There are secret schools where people go to learn how to lie. There they learn how to be ambitious in their lying and convincingly upset when challenged. They study tapes of Ryan Braun and Lance Armstrong issuing denials about their doping, watch them both holding their hands over their hearts, keeping the unmanly tears at bay just enough that only the glimmer of welling up is visible from the camera's distance....more

To Tell The Truth

This month on NaBloPoMo the theme is scandal.  Most of the prompts involve lying, being lied to or lying to someone.  I would be surprised if I ran across a completely honest person.  Each and every one of us has told a lie.  Even if it’s a little white lie.  Lying is a  fact of being imperfect humans in an imperfect world.  We learn to do it without prompting or example when we are little in an effort of self preservation.  When my daughters lie to me I can tell without even prodding for the truth....more

The Psychology of Lying: What Happens When You Tell A Lie? (INFOGRAPHIC)

Everybody does it every now and then, but many don't admit doing it.  For some, it's like a second nature but for others, it happens less often. Some do it to hide who they really are, to avoid being caught or to spare someone else's feelings. You probably guessed it, I am talking about lying!...more