My daughter lied to me...

Liars School

There are secret schools where people go to learn how to lie. There they learn how to be ambitious in their lying and convincingly upset when challenged. They study tapes of Ryan Braun and Lance Armstrong issuing denials about their doping, watch them both holding their hands over their hearts, keeping the unmanly tears at bay just enough that only the glimmer of welling up is visible from the camera's distance....more

To Tell The Truth

This month on NaBloPoMo the theme is scandal.  Most of the prompts involve lying, being lied to or lying to someone.  I would be surprised if I ran across a completely honest person.  Each and every one of us has told a lie.  Even if it’s a little white lie.  Lying is a  fact of being imperfect humans in an imperfect world.  We learn to do it without prompting or example when we are little in an effort of self preservation.  When my daughters lie to me I can tell without even prodding for the truth....more

The Psychology of Lying: What Happens When You Tell A Lie? (INFOGRAPHIC)

Everybody does it every now and then, but many don't admit doing it.  For some, it's like a second nature but for others, it happens less often. Some do it to hide who they really are, to avoid being caught or to spare someone else's feelings. You probably guessed it, I am talking about lying!...more

About Why I Tell Lies ...

I have one of the worst-kept secrets in my family. Sometimes I tell a little lie or two …...more
Try not to. For instance to a bad haircut I'll say you got your haircut. If they smile. I might ...more

FMF: Truth, from a pathological liar.

As a kid and adolescent I was a pathological liar.  I would lie about everything.  And it was stupid.  I see it now, but at the time, it was the only way I could get/do/be what I wanted.As I grew, I realized it wasn't the way to go.  Trying to remember what I told to whom became so daunting that I decided it was time to change.Now, I tell the truth.  To a fault.  I am honest, bare, and an oversharer.  It's a trait I hope my kids pick up, rather than the lying one I know is in their blood....more
Truth can be powerful medicine. Especially self-truth. Frankly, I find your level of ...more

Fired for Being Gay or Not Being Willing to Lie?

It happens with regularity: Another beloved, high-performing employee is fired because someone's discriminatory panties get in a twist. Today's example: After 19 years as a physical education teacher for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Columbus, Carla Hale was fired last month after an anonymous parent complained to the school that she had listed her female partner's name in her mother's obituary. ...more
Where's the catholic in Catholic?more

The One Milestone They Should Skip

The other day as I scrolled through my facebook feed, I noticed a beautiful picture of a first-time mother gazing at her precious baby. The love on her face was immense; I could imagine the hopes and dreams she had for her tiny bundle. She looked happy and at peace. The fact that there might be a day when this precious child looks into her eyes and tells her a lie must have been the furthest thing from her mind. In those moments of pure joy we cannot fathom that one day our  kids will do things we despise....more

Help, There's a Pinocchio in the Workplace!

We teach our children not to lie, when in doubt, to tell the truth.  Most, through trial and error learn this lesson and grow into adulthood with a sense of right and wrong, of truth or consequences.  But there are some that master the telling of half-truths, lies, and the practice of deceit and wear it like Jacob’s coat with a false sense of invincibility.  Sooner or later, like all lies, the fabric becomes worn and unravels, leaving nothing more than tangled threads lacking both purpose and function. I had the unfortunate experience of having to deal with an insince...more

Do your Kids repeat your BAD words?

The girls were playing at their table in our bedroom while I was getting ready to take them to school.  I hear “damn-it.”  Not unusual since I can’t seem to stop saying it although I have gotten better.  They can use it in perfect context as well which I find impressive for a 3 year old.Me from the bathroom: who just said damn-it?Both girls in unison blaming each other say: L said it, H said it...more