Is It Possible to Never Lie to Your Kids?

I always told myself I'd never become one of those people who lies to her kids. No one lied to me -- I got the truth straight up whether I liked it or not -- and I came to expect such behavior from everyone else. I am not going to get into the intricacies about what's wrong with viewing the world this way, besides the many nights sitting up crying, but despite that, I still value honesty. Complete and total, brutal, painful honesty.Turns out, however, I've become (with the help of other mothers, of course) a bit of a liar with my kids....more
The problem with the 'there are no more cookies' lie is if you have a kid who challenges you. ...more

I'm a Liar: I Tell My Kids Big Whoppers

There. I said it. I'm a liar. I cannot be trusted. You'll never know when I'm telling the truth. Because I lie. Well, at least to my kids I do. I'm not talking about the little white lies that everyone tells. You know what I'm talking about. Things like, "I don't have a quarter for the gumball machine" when your purse is so full of change that it leaves a dent in your shoulder due to the sheer weight of the coinage inside. ...more
@Erin @ queen-of-the-jungle  @Wyattmills I use "nose poop" to describe snot too! I was hoping it ...more