Breast Cancer: Lymph Node Surgery May Not Always Be Needed

Sometimes less is more, and in the case of breast cancer surgery this seems to the case. In a just released study on women with breast cancer, it turns out that the removal of cancerous lymph nodes may not always be necessary. The results of this study will facilitate major changes in the way breast cancer is treated, and could be hard for a lot of women to accept at first; since most of us are programmed to want all cancer removed. But it turns out that about 20% of breast cancer patients who have cancer in their lymph nodes and who would normally have those nodes removed, will not need this aggressive surgery after all. ...more

I agree, it is sad for the women who have suffered unnecessarily.

Contributing Editor ...more

Scam Alert - Brassage

Okay ladies be honest with me, if you had seen this bra and heard what it claimed would you have spent $59.99 on one? I would have, I'm sure of it. The product is made through Intimate Healthwhich then links you to the scientific basis of Lymphatic Enhancement Technology. Hey listen, if you like the bra, but the bra but that's probably all it is, a bra. It's not going to prevent cancer but it could be helpful to people who have lymphatic problems, who knows? ...more