Karina Carrel's Book on Her Experience With Lymphoma

Karina Carrel from Cafe Delites recently published a book titled: Liberation - Breaking The Chains To Survival And Freedom. ...more


We have CANCER in our family. Too, too much cancer.1. My 55 year old sister had Lymphoma Cancer, but is now in remission.2. My 83 year old mother has had Myelodysplastic Syndrome for 3 years. If not cured, it will turn into Leukemia.3. My 30 year old niece had Thyroid cancer, had surgery and is in remission.4. My son in law has Lymphoma Cancer and is facing a stem cell transplant in the spring.5. My husband's 35 year old niece has Breast Cancer and has had a double mastectomy, but it has spread to other organs. ...more
Oh Reda, how horrible for you and your family. That's way too much cancer. I'm soon 5 years ...more


What a difference a year makes.  Last year, I was writing a ‘Holiday Blawg’ due to my Mom’s diagnosis of Lymphoma two weeks before Christmas.  It was very hard for me to put any cheer into the holidays.  This year, I am recovering (recovered) from the Whipple procedure due to discovering that I had an IPMN (Introaductal Papillary Mucinous Neoplasm) in my pancreas which is considere...more

Cancer Brings A Gold Lining

“Every cloud has a silver lining” is an idiom I’ve often heard but never really associated with any specific experience in my life.  I’ve probably used the expression in an effort to comfort someone else.  The expression has been used repeatedly in response to my story of hair loss and my subsequent creation of the beaubeau scarf....more

Help - My Hair Is Falling Out and I Can't Stop It

  “Help!  I’m losing my hair rapidly - all is gone except a two inch patch right tin the middle of my head. I’ve been diagnosed with Alopecia and I’m completely clueless. This is so sudden for me - any help will be greatly appreciated.”...more

End of Chemo Treatment, Relief or Anxiety?

 There is no question that completing a course of chemotherapy treatment is a milestone in the life of a patient.  Tomorrow, my 89-yr-old mother will receive her sixth and final dose of chemotherapy for lymphoma.  She was initially hesitant about chemo and the effects it would have on h...more

My Mom is scheduled to have a PET scan in 3 weeks post the end of her chemo and the anticipation ...more

Chemo Brain - Fact or Fiction?

Mom eats breakfast and moments later doesn’t know whether she’s eaten or not.  You might assume such memory loss is to be expected at age 89, but just 2 months ago, when she was also 89, her memory was better than mine. What caused such a rapid decline?  She is undergoing chemotherapy treatments for Lymphoma.  Could she be suffering from “chemo brain”?  When I asked Mom’s doctor about her cognitive changes, the issue was dismissed with a knowing look of “what do you expect at age 89?”.  Am I surprised?  Unfortunately not....more

Hi Susan,

What you're describing about your mom is not uncommon. In fact, some experts ...more

A Case of Mistaken Identity

Look at me, I’m bald! With 10 years of life as a bald woman behind me, I’ve experienced my share of head turns, inquiring comments, unwanted stares, and assumptions that my hair loss is chemotherapy related.  The attention used to stress me out big time.  Alopecia is sudden so requires instant adjustments.  As an Alopecian, I’m not physically sick, I just lack hair....more

I have experienced moments like this though totally different at the same time, being diagnosed ...more

Patient Advocates - The Flour In The Cake

As my Mom continues to suffer the side effects of a fluoroquinolone drug,  I am more convinced than ever of the importance of patient advocates, especially for the elderly.  Mom has Lymphoma, the bad kind,  but her symptoms today - confusion, anxiety, and disorientation are not related to her underlying disease or her age.  I know the symptoms all to well, the nasty side effects of fluoroquinolones, as I too was “floxed“....more


My poor mom!  She has a cold.  She has Lymphoma.  And if that isn’t enough, her doctors “floxed” her. ...more

Hello "Nobody wants to be Ethel",

The problem is that while she is undergoing chemotherapy, ...more