Why I should not be allowed to think about things.

I love music.LOVE love.Those of you who've suffered through all the incarnations of my radio show know what I like, which is almost everything between the 50s and the 90s, with a couple handsful of random songs from 2000 to now. I also like classic country music, but not too much of 'today's' country. I love to turn up the radio and sing at the top of my lungs - in the house, in the car...in the grocery store.There are a ton of misheard lyrics that I sang incorrectly for years, and I still do, because it's fun....more

Circle in the Sand

Yesterday, my cousin Patti Tweeted me to let me know she’d heard Belinda Carlisle’s Circle in the Sand in the grocery store and performed our childhood dance routine in the frozen pizza section....more

NaBloPoMo April Day 1:Reading Poetry (Lyrics are Poems)

So, one of the assignments we did for our Speech/Public Speaking class was doing a reading of a lyric or poem. This seemed to cause a great deal of consternation for one of my classmates, an older man of late middle age and “dudebro” demeanor. He did the thing where you cannot wrap your mind around the concept of the assignment and there for everything about it is stupid....more

Beautiful Pain by Damian Pars

Two empty streets,hurricanes I tried to find the way I close my eyes and see you smile Like perfect sunshine through the rain You give happiness to faith Beautiful Pain Even though it is over I still feel you closer My heart is beating faster than before I don't know what I'm supposed to, do to make you love me I just can't let you go Beautiful Pain,save me again You know that I'm sorry,don't say it's too late Beautiful Pain, save me again How much it mercy....more

Motherly Advice


Midlife Coffee with Joni Mitchell

Weekly I participate in a meme called Old School Friday (OSF). I'd seen it around the Net for a while and thought, I should do that. God knows I should. Like most of us, my life has a soundtrack running through it, as one of the bloggers and creators of OSF said of herself in comments on a post. ...more

Your writing lifted off tonight. 

Singers are back in the day you didn't mention:  ...more

The Break In the Cup

This David Wilcox song has always been one of my favorites. I adore David Wilcox anyway. The Break in the Cup reminds me so much of the message of Princess Bubbble-True happily ever after comes from loving God, helping others and liking who you are already. I thought I would share the lyrics of this song with you a great reminder to us all! Enjoy! I try so hard to please you To be the love that fills you up I try to pour on sweet affection, But I think you got a broken cup. Because you can't believe I love you I try to tell you that there is no doubt, ...more

Censorship: Kids, Hip Hop, Video Game Violence

One of the most interesting discussions on WomenCo lately has been about media censorship. JeepGirl89 started things off: I was just listening to The Rhyme on XM and they were having what they call a Town Hall Meeting where they talk about hip hop news and controversy. Today they brought up the subject of censorship. Artists like Immortal Technique, Talib Kweli, and Nas are being asked to clean up their act and stop referencing sex, violence, and drugs in their music. ...more