Paleo Orange-Spice Macaroons

This is one of my favorite sweet treats. They are super simple and packed with nutrition and flavor. They won’t last long after you make a batch so you might need to hide some for later!...more

Beautiful Fairtrade Macaroons

Macaroons are the most beautiful things I've ever baked.It’s no wonder that they are so popular at the moment, they are simply gorgeous to look at and have such a delicate sweet and nutty flavour that they absolutely make the perfect treat for any special occasion....more

Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroons

Celebrate National Macaroon Day With A Recipe Round-up

Sweet and creamy. Coconutty and crispy around the edges. Macaroons might be one of my favorite...I don't know...cookies? Confections? A little of both? Whatever they are, they're delicious, and to celebrate National Macaroon Day today, I wanted to share some great macaroon recipes with you. ...more
 @Diana Leah Wilson These are the sorts of random things upon which you must rely on BlogHer ...more

Chocolate-Dipped Macaroons

A number of years back when I lived in Boston, there was a little corner bakery that I would often walk to for one of their chocolate-dipped macaroons....more

Blissful Coconut Macaroons Recipe - Vegan - Dessert A Day Project #2

Macaroons are becoming the new cupcake. People like them because they are light, colorful, and most of all, French. I have yet to gain one of these French wonders, but I have seen a lot of healthy Macaroons made of coconut floating about the Internet. So until I can figure out how to make a French Macaroon that is vegan, I will try out the coconut macaroons, because they look amazing.My result: Though not crunchy as I suspected, they are amazing. They are like soft, white, yummy, vacation pillows for the mouth....more

Ladurée: Flight of the Macaron

By: Sunny Choi

Chocolate Macaroons time of the year reminds me of these soft chocolate macaroons, my aunt would make them every time around December, they were one of my favourite treats as a kid! This is the recipe that she shared with me, and now I make them for my kids:) ...more

Crafting for the crafter.

As fall approaches, those us who craft kick into high gear preparing for the winter holiday season. Often times, this means selling on farmer's markets and at craft shows. It was by pure luck that I stumbled across this awesome design for a market/craft apron. ...more

Move over cupcake, the macaroons are here

A new tasty treat is vying for the cupcakes top spot this year. Just in time for Easter. Could it be because the coconut macaroon looks like the grass in your Easter basket? Or maybe we just love the outlandish unfoodly colors they come in--hot pink, sunshine orange, snowball white, and neon green.  ...more