Hollywood's Gym-orexia

 Last week, I pawed through the newsstand, gathering as many issues as I could shove into my bag. To my dismay back at home, two of the four magazines that made the cut included pictures of Gwyneth Paltrow, promising to reveal how she got that "amazing" body. Inside the mags, I learned that she got this "miracle figure" by "never" letting up on her workouts. I also learned about the routine that had Cameron Diaz comparing her arms to those of her pilled up lover, A-Rod.    Now, let me show you what I was looking at:...more

I hope the links help!




Which Gleeker Does Britney Kiss in Her Glee Episode?

You know what’s hard?  Trying to figure out how Britney Spears is going to be featured in the upcoming Glee special episode based on a few lousy, teasing Tweets -- and most importantly, which Glee star gets a famed Britney chick kiss.  That’s what’s hard. ...more

I'm not sure how racy this Britney Glee episode is gonna get. I imagine it will be a bit of a ...more

Madonna's "Material Girl" Line Launches, Makes Me Feel Old

Madonna and Macy's have teamed up to bring us the "Material Girl" line -- and it's making me feel old. It's not hard to see why: this is a line that squarely targets tweens and teens, not their mothers....more

This Madonna look has been done over and over again. SO OVER IT! Save it for the dress up ...more

(VIDEO) Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" -- Is Her Madonna Parody Sly, Sexy, Silly, or Sad?

Editor's note: Possibly NSFW. Depending on your work. Lady Gaga's new video for the ABBA-esque single "Alejandro" takes the continual comparisons of her to Madonna and jacks them up to absurd levels. ...more

Walt Disney does S & M? Sound of Music? Sure-there is a Madonna-ish bit-but the fascinating part ...more

(VIDEO) Glee, Virgins and The Power of Madonna: Time Traveling From Parent to Teen to Parent in One Hour

June 3, 1985: I was standing in the New Haven Coliseum waiting for the Beastie Boys to open for Madonna. I was sporting a ripped sweatshirt, Guess jeans and my mother's "merry widow." My hair was in a ponytail, tied up with a wide lace ribbon. Black rubber bracelets were stacked on both arms and rhinestone earrings hung from both of my earlobes. My best friend and I arrived at the concert in style -- well what passed for style in those days -- a red Subaru sedan. Given my history, it's no wonder I was completely glued to my television this week, along with 13 million other people, for the Glee episode aptly titled "The Power of Madonna." ...more

Rent "Boogie Nights" not realizing it's about porn, because you thought it was about disco, and ...more

Listening Room # 3 - Alisha - Alisha (Self-Titled)

Alisha - Alisha (1985) on Vanguard If you didn't know it, you may mistake this teen hot shot from the 80s for Madonna. But her debut dance-pop album has her own unique, Brooklyn attitude, and easily danceable tunes to it. ...more

I dream of GenY

If you're over 30 you probably don’t yearn to recapture 20-something days of gritty uncertainty. It’s even less appealing if you’re from the tail end of the Baby Boom, a generation gap in itself....more

Calling Out All Cougars!

Today’s Blog Post was sort of like a joint effort between myself and the yummy mummies at the local Second Cup Cafe. It all started with my girlfriend, who met me for a coffee after school drop off. “What are you writing about today?” she asked. “Not quite sure. Was thinking about Cougars. What do you think?” I replied. In no time, we had about 5 women there, all throwing ideas my way, me typing as quickly as I could. I know why I never go to that particular Cafe to write. It’s VERY distracting. But FUN!...more

You had me at yummy mummies...and now I get to "mind-blowing sex."

Hotttt. Sex sells, loving it.more