What Women Want

Let’s start with Sarah Palin: wife, mother, governor, on the campaign trail for Vice President… Moose Lover!...more

Your Body Image – Loving the Woman Staring Back

Wow, sitting at Second Cup, writing today’s blog entry before going to serve pizza lunch at my son’s school. I have to say, I’m enjoying this new venture. I simply love everything women related, all the issues, and this has become an incredible medium for me to connect with all of you. ...more

It's a process. You'll get better and better with practice. Good luck! And be good to ...more

Madonna siempre joven a pesar de los años

El jueves pasado algunos afotunados, entre los que me incluyo, pudimos ver a Madonna sobre el escenario, y la verdad es que además de no parar de bailar y cantar, a nadie nos pasó desapercibido el físico que tiene Madonna y como se conserva, sobretodo teniendo en cuenta que ya ha pasado la barrera de los cincuenta. ...more

Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Part Three: The Best Dressed!

DAHLINGS - It took a bit of doing to find women who were neither excessive nor simply idiotic in their choice of garb at Monday's Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute gala opening for "The Model As Muse: Embodying Fashion." However, there were some absolutely stunning choices. And while mine may not agree with everyone, I'm certain that my first pick is one of the winners across the board: ...more

Madonna and me

"I stand for freedom of expression, doing what you believe in, and going after your dream... I am my own experiment. I am my own work of art." - Madonna I'm just a couple years younger than Madonna, who has always been one of my idols, in terms of her music, her fashion sense, and her wider cultural significance. ...more

Madonna Verbally Abused? Is No One Safe?

Can I just say: Oh My God! Is no one safe? Even taking into consideration that Madonna and her lawyers are preparing her custody case and are building her husband up as an abusive man—Oh My God! Madonna claiming that she was verbally abused. Is no woman safe? Or, why are so many men incapable of dealing with strong, independent women—one at a time, of course? From the Mail Online, October 17: ...more

I was married for 21 years. I did not take the decision to end my marriage lightly, but there ...more

Strutting Her Stuff

I don't generally comment on the follies of the famous, but I can't help myself this time. Would someone please tell Madonna to grow up. ...more

Madonna and Me

Like many other women, I imagine, I have a love-hate relationship with Madonna. Some days I find her liberating and inspiring, while at other times, well, I guess I'm just jealous. For sure, Madonna gets women thinking and talking about themselves. But recently, I must say, I have been just a little disappointed. ...more