W&W: Can Netroots Entertainers Galvanize Youth Vote?

So if the financial market doesn't implode first, the media may just explode in anticipation before Thursday's VP debate. Are expectations so low at this point that Sarah Palin wins just by showing up and sounding intelligent? ...more

W&W: Can Saving the Economy Save Us From Spurious Sarah News?

So, sorry, Ms. Palin, but something happened on Wall Street to bump you off the front page. A little major market crash, that's all. Now, the candidates are scrambling to respond to Black Monday and the financial crisis; who's up to snuff on their economic policy? Hosts Ted, Maegan, and Teresa wonder if this help the campaigns concentrate on the issues and move beyond the personality attacks? ...more

Joe vs Sarah the (Unlicensed) Barracuda? And yes, Ted got arrested...

So, um, lipstick? Yes, lipstick is the main story of the day; but why? Is it sexist? Is it a diversion? Is itjust... lipstick? In today's Wilshire & Washington, hosts Ted, Teresa,and Maegan take on the overflowing Palin-spectacular, and ponder otherimportant questions of the day: Can Biden take Palin in a hand-to-hand combat?What's Steve Schmidt's problem, saying the media needs to provide proper"deference" to the Republican VP pick? Does Maegan McCain's claim that her family "understands" war make her fair game? ...more

W&W: Bump Chic? Us Weekly Loves Palin Drama, But Will Voters?

The DNC's gone the way of the dodo, but the RNC has turned up the heat with scandal, moose, and teen-preggers. Sarah Palin's nomination has ignited a flame in the media, but is it a good thing for the Republican nominee? Why is it that all the big stories about Palin are being broke by the bloggers and is the McCain campaign overreacting over the media's coverage of her vetting process? ...more

W&W: Election Law 101: Primary Colors and Hanging Chads in ‘08 and Beyond

So what’s going to go wrong at the ballot box this year? What ever happened to those good ol’ punch cards and Diebold electronic voting machines? Will any system work right? And will we get any real solutions when we have partisan election officials? ...more

Wilshire & Washington: Convention Buzz!

Heading Right’s Media Lizzy joins the W&W hosts to talk convention buzz. Will the Democrats hurt themselves with pomp and circumstance? Will the Republicans flop? To listen, visit http://www.maegancarberry.com and click the play button on the blue Blog Talk Radio box on the right. ...more

Is Facebook the Answer to Low Turnout and Hanging Chads?

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Media Darlings: The Maverick or The Chosen One? On Wilshire & Washington

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Today's Wilshire & Washington

Ted, Teresa and I discuss Obama’s position on the proposed amendments to FISA and fears that he may be labeled a “flip-flopper.” Other highlights include potential tensions between Cindy McCain and Michelle Obama, as well as the failed negotiations to arrange a series of town hall meetings between the candidates. Listen Here ...more