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Learn French: What about magazines?

In French and in English, the spelling is the same. But we pronounce it slightly different.While in English, the emphasis is on the first syllable (“MA-gazine”), we accentuate the second syllable in French (“ma-GA-zine”). Also, note that the “i” of “zine” is a shorter sound in French than in English....more

Self Magazine - the new Mean Girls #tutusrock

Self Magazine, a publication who "supports" women in nutrition, health, and advice made a colossal mistake in their April issue. The magazine has a page called BS Meter - their guide to what's legit and what is lame. Warning, I ramble when I am mad and Self Magazine really upset me....more

INform Women Magazine

Welcome to INform Magazine!!! My name is Kindell R. Bates and I am a native of Newark, New Jersey that moved to Georgia seven years ago with a the idea of a brand new start in life and career.  Part of my new start is to make an impact on others around me by inspiring, engaging, informing and empowering! ...more

Muscle and Fitness Hers Magazine Progression

I was approached by one of the best fitness, nutrition and competition coaches in the area, Michelle Johnson. Not only is Michelle a genius when it comes to body transformation but she is also a wonderful person. We had four weeks to get me in shape for a Muscle and Fitness Shoot.  I never competed before and I would be standing next to three beautiful women that were fitness models, body builders and IFBB Pro Card holders. Needless to say I had to kick my butt in gear. ...more

Sacred Pregnancy : Changing the conversation!

 When author Anni Daulter typed out the first words of her book titled Sacred Pregnancy she couldn't have known what an amazing journey would lie ahead for her. The book that was born from her desire to "change the conversation around the pregnancy journey for women," rapidly took on its own life - growing into a movement that will forever change the way we look at birth in this country. Anni's vision is breathtaking, beautiful, bold and raw. Though her earthy style may appear extreme to some, the core of her message resonates with all - Pregnancy + Birth are sacred! Through her book, magazine, community and retreats, Anni teaches women how to grasp their inner strength, follow their instincts and fight back against ideas of Western Medicine that women can't have an instinctual birth....more

She Called Me "Kitten": Remembering Cosmo Editor Helen Gurley Brown

It seemed like Helen Gurley Brown, the famed magazine editor who turned Cosmopolitan into the raciest!, the daringest!, the most fabulously pro-woman/pro-men, pro-men-chasing-women-and-women-chasing-men magazine ever! had figured out how to be ageless, kittenish and fabulous forever. But, alas, time finally won out against the impossibly dynamic Helen, and she passed away today at the ripe young age of 90....more
Awesome blog!  (seriously...awesome)  I was watching her--I believe on Carson years ago, when I ...more

Get Sated: San Francisco Bloggers Launch New Food Mag

In May, two San Francisco-area bloggers launched sated, a new quarterly food magazine. The magazine features a combination of stunning photography and in-depth exploration of a single topic per issue. The first issue focuses on dark chocolate, and includes articles that cover everything from an exploration of chocolate's origins, to the "seeding" method of tempering chocolate, to how best to combine herbal flavors with chocolate in recipes....more
Food & Home Magazine is a quarterly, consumer-based publication that stylishly presents relevant ...more

The Hunger Diaries Debate So, there is quite a buzz in mommy-blogger land, about an article that recently appeared in Marie Claire magazine. The author, Katie Drummond, attended a Healthy Living Summit, that is hosted by six female, premier health, diet, and fitness bloggers....more

The reason I disagree with Marie Claire is because while yes, they have a point about some ...more