Marysville Tulalip Life Magazine

Marysville Tulalip Life Magazine is all about connecting the community. The definition of community is, "a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common." When we live in the same place we share everything. The schools, the parks, the restaurants, the stores, the salons, literally the space all around us and in between. Publishing and writing about community helps us to get to know who is in our space.      ...more

Are You Beautiful?

I have always considered myself pretty, but I have never felt beautiful. I am petite, and cute, with pale English rose skin that now seems to tan when I’m outside doing my school work duties to help with parking. A few, small brown moles have popped up along my arms, along with leftover reddish-dots (scars) from when my father brought home scabies from a patient who had it & whom my father was treating at the hospital where he worked. We’ve had to deal with scabies 3 times in my lifetime and I hope not ever again....more


Pinterest Hey everyone, I’m Mandy, and I’m really excited to have the opportunity to write for ToolBox Divas. I’m a lifelong ToolBox Diva and an artist who was fortunate to grow up with a “can-do” attitude that has carried me through today. I honestly believe everyone can accomplish anything with some simple tutorials and some confidence, no need to “call the fix-it guy”. I’m thrilled to be able to share DIY and design ideas, and collaborate with you all on home improvement projects. Together, we can all save some money, create the living spaces we’ve always dreamed of, make some interesting decor pieces, and conquer projects we once thought impossible!  I don’t know about you, but every month when my favorite design and home and garden magazines arrive in my mailbox, I get some serious design envy. Everything seems so perfectly paired, colorful, drool worthy, and worst of all, it seems like something mere mortals could never achieve in their own homes. Right? Gleefully, I get to say—no, proclaim—that this is wrong!We can turn our design magazine dreams into reality! And, we can do it without sacrificing too much time, money, or patience. How? Honestly, whenever a spread in a magazine speaks to my nesting soul and I know it’s time for a change, I take a moment and follow these steps:  ...more


It's time for the BIG announcement I've waited months to share!...more