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Tell Us Your Favorite Magazine

Do you like to read magazines? As reading habits shift from paper copies to digital devices, we are curious about what kinds of magazines still interest the BlogHer community. When I was growing up, I was obsessed with Mad Magazine. It probably helped shape my off beat sense of humor. The New Yorker and Smithsonian are more appealing to my current sensibilities....more
@Jenifer Monroe Wow...under a rock...since 1974? I went to the link you shared and am becoming a ...more

Less Photoshop is a Start, How About More Diversity?

An initiative against unrealistic Photoshopped images of models is a good thing, right? Launched by former Hollywood talent agent and LiveNation head Seth Matlins and his wife, Eva Matlins, The Self-Esteem Act would require magazines, movie posters, advertisements to disclose when photographs of models have been significantly altered. It’s a good start, but it’s not enough. ...more
Hear hear on the photoshop ! I've been posting photos from the book I'm writing on my judo blog ...more

The Best Food Magazines You've Never Read

Conventional wisdom tells us that print is dead. Its death knell sounded loud and clear in food-oriented publishing when the print edition of Gourmet folded in 2009. If that beloved legendary publication couldn't make a go of it, who could?...more

Choosing A Magazine Subscription Agency? Tread Carefully

Are you looking to subscribe to magazines easily and inexpensively? Many websites offer magazine subscription deals. You'll find a wide range of titles - all for very low prices.  Whatever type of magazine you may want - from entertainment, politics, health, news, fashion, real estate, travel - you can get it from a single site....more

"Me Magazine." I'm still waiting.

I'd like a subscription to that magazine, sign me up! I've about given up on anything that isn't ...more

I'm a junkie and I know it

Only 19 days left. Until the end of Lent.  And I need my fix(es). Has this Lent been a success ? Yes. Once again I am aware of those bad habits. And I resisted with difficulty. No. I had trouble with chocolate because of PMS (AF was 10 days late which extended and augmented my PMS) and because of my bobo (which made me crave comfort foods to feel better)....more

popular culture? help me out fellow moms!

I am barely able to follow the news, and so behind on popular culture. It's not just that we don't have television, it's also that there's just no time. I get kind of intense about the things I care about and commit to, and so right now that means my life evolves around parenting and my work writing. I love to read, but the books with fiction I've checked out at the library lately have not been finished. Instead of reading for "me," I've been spending any "free" time (are there really any truly "free" moments??) reading and writing for work. ...more


I was working with a client recently who, as I've seen with most clients, had a stack of "how to organize your home" articles that she meant to get to the infamous "some day".  She was hesitant to get rid of them without reading them, which I completely understand because I still find myself doing that sometimes.  We made a deal...since I really wanted to read them to gather any new tidbits: I could take paper out of her home, if I gave her a "Coles Notes" version of the information.   ...more

Thanks for sharing! I'm glad you've been inspired. :)more