New study says media is the leading sex educator for kids

Finding out what your kids watch on TV or on the internet could be as important to your kids' health and wellness as making sure they wear bike helmets. According to an article published in the September issue of the Journal of Pediatrics, kids are learning about sex from the media and the message can be dangerous....more

Very Cool: Flipboard iPad App Turns Your Feeds Into a "Social Magazine"

I knew Flipboard for iPad was going to be cool -- but I didn't know just HOW cool. I didn't expect it to be such an instant hit that it would cause server congestion, making it impossible for me to be able to add content to it. There's nothing sadder than getting this message when trying to set up your cool new Flipboard: ...more

Confession: I haven't watched the commercial.

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Perverted Feminism: Men Have To Have Mistresses

 Full Disclosure: I've never had a problem with prostitution.  If you can get paid for doing something, then more power to you....more

Separate but Equal: Fat Girls Get Own Fashion Week (But no Ashley Falcon)

 The fashion world seems to have finally clued in to an obvious fact - we all wear clothing. Yes, even fat girls. Elie Tahari, a very upper-end designer has a new line of plus size fashion that are actually attractive, and sold in Bloomingdale's (how pretty is that jacket below?), and this year, the New York Times Magazine covered the second Full Figured Fashion Week, hosted by former plus size model, Emme. Founder, and former plus-size model, Gwen Devoe, said what we all already knew - that, "Every curvy girl that has a dollar is willing to spend that dollar,” while, the New York Times' Business Day section regarded the event almost sarcastically, remarking that, "the fattening of America is a big business opportunity." Of course, with designers like Nanette Lepore making their largest offering a size 12, there's an argument to be made, that many of the women excluded from fashion are not necessarily "fat" so much as tall, larger-framed, or muscular. The narrow sizes offered as "regular" or "normal" cut a thin swathe through the much larger population of women with money to spend on clothing. And guess what - we all wear clothes. Devoe herself pointed out that, "I’ve been told several times that no one fantasizes about being a plus-size woman, and that’s probably true, but the fact remains that you have to work with what you have.” Up until now, though very few designers have connected the giant, neon dots - in fact, as far as fashion goes, in many ways, it's cheaper to be fat. ...more

Rainy Saturday Reading

For me, there’s no better way to spend a cold, rainy day than to curl up with Amber, some hot chocolate, and my assorted reading materials.  After what has been a crazy busy, but wonderful week, it will be a divine indulgence to spend a day just catching up on my reading.  ...more

A Warning Label for Retouched Photos

Photo retouching in magazines is becoming more and more outrageous. Remember the GQ cover featuring Kate Winslet? The actress was shocked and angry to discover that the magazine used photoshop to make her legs appear longer and leaner than they are in reality. Read the rest here: A Warning Label for Retouched Photos ...more

Stream of Consciousness while reading September InStyle.

1. J-Lo on the cover? Ehh. 2. Really loving the Fall DKNY ads. They've consistently stopped me in my tracks in every September issue so far. 3. Mmm... cute, salt & pepper-haired guy in Tommy ad. Who are you? ...more

Reality TV - At What Cost To Your Family

I often wonder what people watched on T.V. before the phenomena of reality T.V. shows.  It seems to have drawn such a huge audience, and week by week, viewers want to know about the rantings between a couple or family, what goes on behind closed boudouir doors, who cheated on who, the expensive purchases that are made, swapping households, etc.  Its all in the name of entertainment, but at what cost to the individuals, especially the children that are on the shows. ...more

Managing Paper

I consider paper to be clutter, especially when it is unsolicited. But we must deal with a certain amount of paper on a daily basis. Here are a few ways to keep from getting overwhelmed: Filing - Setting up and maintaining a simple, effective filing system saves an untold amount of time because you know exactly where to find items you need. - If you are a visual person, consider using different colors of file folders for different categories. ...more

Summer (Business) Reading Selections

As I began packing my suitcase for summer vacation, I realized it was time to pick out my summer reading. This is usually a big decision for me, as I am sure it is for many of you. too. So I thought I would share a few great books (or magazines) to take along on vacations- to help your business. Here are a few recommendations: ...more