Confessions of a magazine & catalog addict

I’m a third generation magazine and catalog addict.  My grandmother loved them.  My mother loved them.  And a fourth generation is now well represented by my daughter. When I was a child, even before I could read, Mother saved all her magazines and catalogs for me.  I was fascinated by how she treated them like treasures.  Not one was thrown away until it had been read and read and re-read. ...more

Buy an ad: Save a magazine (or a newspaper)

Thinking about advertising in print media? Now may be the best time ever because this rocky economy is affecting magazines and newspapers, too. ...more

How We Live: The Decline of Shelter Magazines and the Rise of Blogs

Last week, publishers Condé Nast announced the closure of Domino magazine. Domino fell in the wake of other shelter titles including everything from newcomers like Blueprint (from Martha Stewart) and classics like Home and Garden (after more than 100 years of publication) to titles including Cottage Living, Home and O at Home from Oprah Magazine. The outcry and wails of lament over the loss of Domino have ricocheted around the blogosphere this past week and petitions and blogs protesting the shuttering have sprouted like May flowers. ...more

Your comments make a lot of sense. Perhaps too much ;) Thanks!more

Real dads edit parenting magazines

The New York Times covers the entrance of Nick Friedman into the parenting magazine frays: Though 85 percent of Scholastic Parent & Child readers are women, they will now be getting advice on parenting from a man: Scholastic named Nick Friedman the first male editor of the magazine last month. In the magazine world, gender roles still hold strong: men tend to edit magazines read by men, and women those for women. ...more

If I read correctly what you're writing, you like including people who are impacted and I ...more

Somewhere in the middle

While it's been a miracle of a week for me. Yesterday our house was saved hopefully for good. Then have been really wondering these past few weeks what I should be doing with my life. So I asked my higher power what I should do. I've surrenderd the situation and it came to me to write articles for magazines. So I sent in my submissions and am still sending in more. But, I already heard back from a magazine and they want to publish my article. I've been working with one of the staff members to make it really good. I'm proud of it and all the hard work I put into it. I ...more

Yes, I watch TMZ

Confessions of a pop culture junkie... ...more

Newsweek: Am I suckling at the parental teet?

Question: Am I less of an "adult" because my parents still offer me financial support on occasion even though I have a full-time job?According to the July 28th issue of Newsweek, the answer might be yes. ...more

My parents are still very generous with giving my husband and I money, or more often paying ...more

Rant: Another celebrity caves to the Hollywood stereotype

I always look forward to the new issue of US Weekly. Who doesn’t love unnamed sources and somewhat shady reporting sometimes? ...more

I was a little disappointed when I heard about this story. I thought that Jennifer Love ...more

No One Has "It"!

People ask me all the time how I can say that no one “has it” when it comes to fashion. People believe that television shows and magazines all possess some secret knowledge that “normal” folk could never access. I always shake my head and exclaim “no one has it!” ...more

Brain, Child Subscription up for grabs

Announcing a very fun and exciting contest. The prize: a year's subscription to Brian, Child magazine (my absolute favorite magazine). I am so excited to share this treasure with other mothers. If you don't already read it regularly, please give the site a look and consider subscribing (I'm not gaining anything if you do, but you surely will.). ...more