Pregnant Christina Aguilera Gets Naked

The blogs are a-buzzin' about the January cover of Marie Claire, featuring a very pregnant (and very orange, we might add) Christina Aguilera baring her belly and some boobage. ...more

First Pages of Submissions: Three Rules

So these days reading slush for Ploughshares and Redivider, as well as working for Fringe, I'm reading a lot of pour-water-over-my-head-to-wake-myself-back-up, clamp-jumper-cables-to-my-nipples-to-wake-me-back-up, boring-as-rust first pages. ...more

Newsweek, BusinessWeek unveil new designs: Do you care?

Two old media stalwarts, Business Week and Newsweek, are sporting fresh Web 2.0 looks this week, with a brand spanking new advertising model that they hope will buck the slide in ad revenue that's afflicting the whole industry. Both redesigns reflect a recognition of the impact of the Internet and globalization as driving forces in the way readers consume information. ...more

The whole point of reading a magazine, to me, is to get more depth. I never watch TV news. I ...more

Thereby Hangs a Tale

I co-edit a small litmag called Thereby Hangs a Tale ( We're curently accepting submissions for our 4th print issue, which will come out in fall 2008. Each issue has a theme, and the theme for this issue will be TASTE. The interpretation is up to you. The submission deadline is Feb. 15, 2008, and you can get there by the link at the above. We like eclectic; we like humor; we like to get as many interpretations of the theme as we can fit into an issue! ...more

Good morning?

Well the sun is shining, and after reading a magazine, I have followed their advice that 'a floral skirt is a refreshing alternative to the usual jeans and t shirt'. I often do this to amuse myself, follow magazine advice on what to wear, as it is often so ridiculously worded and recalling their advice brings much needed smiles throughout my day. Well I look like one of the stepford wives which is probably appropriate. Flowers in the front garden, recycling put out dutifully, sons in neatly pressed shirts, dishes washed straightaway after breakfast. ...more

Artful Blogging: The Premiere Issue

Stampington has just issued a new quarterly publication: Artful Blogging.  I picked up my own copy Friday and spent the weekend visiting with old and new friends inside.  It's an interesting idea: create a publication that honors an online process.  I was skeptical of the idea, but I think Stampington actually pulled off this feat. ...more

All ya gotta do, Laurie, is invite me out for a long crafty weekend! We can sit and admire your ...more