Recipe Monday - Lemon Spice Mahi Mahi

This has been the most delicious way I've yet prepared Mahi Mahi....more

Cajun Maple Mahi Mahi

A quick, easy, and healthy recipe, Cajun Maple Mahi Mahi is a unique spin on a seafood favorite that is sure to please the senses.  Another great meal idea to start your week on the right track!  Remember, a healthy diet along with regular exercise is the key to reaching your goals by summer!Cajun Maple Mahi Mahi...more

Recipe Monday - Mediterranean Fish

A great, savory fish dish. RECIPE:...more

Seared Mahi Mahi Filet with White Wine Lemon Caper Sauce

 My inspiration for this dish occurred when I heard someone on the radio talking about a peppercorn sauce they  had made for a steak filet.  What I had in my fridge was Mahi Mahi filets.  I drove home excited to conjure up a suitable sauce for the hearty fish, as it could withstand such a heavy sauce.  Below is what I came up with, and it was tasty....more

Cinnamon-Spiced Fish Tagine with Raisins and Capers

A few notes about this recipe: You can use any type of white fish, but I'd urge you to try something other than tilapia. Sure, tilapia is well-liked due to its low cost, wide availability, and mild taste that plays to its versatility and makes it a highly recommended first foray into seafood for non-fish eaters. But why do you think it's so cheap, so available, and so, well, lacking in flavor? Due to farming practices, of course. Tilapia are easy to mass-produce because they eat pretty much anything, which means farmers can get away with feeding them a lesser quality diet that is certainly not like what they'd eat in the wild. Unfortunately this results in a fish containing minimal amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and elevated levels of omega-6 fatty acids, which is not a very healthy combination if you're trying to eat more fish to improve heart-health....more

Pineapple Salsa Mahi Mahi

Delicious summery recipe, ready in 15 minutes!  RECIPE:...more