Where is Iran's Protest Movement Going?

Anti-government protests show no signs of abating in Iran despite mass arrests and killings of protesters, leading some observers to wonder whether the Islamic fundamentalist regime is in danger of losing its legitimacy.  However, Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmidinejehad says it's all just a plot cooked up by the United States, Europe and Israel.  (Al Jazeera)...more

Media and Law Roundup: The DAILYNESS of it All!

Former New York Times editor James "Scotty" Reston was reputed to exclaim, "Oh! The dailyness of it all!" whenever breaking events interfered with his plans to cover some story in depth. That's the the way I feel right now -- this post was supposed to be a preview of this Thursday's All-American Presidential Candidates Forum for GOP candidates, similar to the post that fellow CE Laurie White and I did for the CWBA Democratic Forum back in June. But then the president of Iran came to Columbia U., Bill O'Reilly learned that black people who go to expensive Harlem restaurants have home training, and NPR's Farai Chideya got a scoop on the ongoing saga of the Jena Six that raises all kinds of interesting questions. Where to begin? ...more