11.30 Write for Rights

As one project ends, another one begins!I've been typing here every day for a month, and I've accomplished my goal of writing about my family vacation!So, the project for December: Amnesty International's Write for Rights!Here's today's work area......more

2014.11.09 Mail

My mailing projects have kind of been on hold for the last 6 weeks...At the beginning of October, I took a couple weeks off so that I could get organized for my parents and brother to come visit me.Shortly after their visit, my mailbox lock died. It's taken 2 weeks to get the lock replaced. I've been unable to go to the post office to collect the mail that's piling up, but Significant Other went a couple times.But without my usual daily mail, I just haven't been inspired to do anything about my usual mailing projects....more

Mail Order Anniversary

It was a good day by college kid standards: I had just received a package.I immediately recognized the familiar, hieroglyphics-esque, all caps handwriting on the address label, and my heart became giddy. I also noticed the bold message, Do not open until February 21st.He has got to be kidding.My boyfriend Kurt had sent my one year anniversary present almost a month ahead of time. Part of me guessed he just wanted to make sure it got to me by the big day. International mail could be tricky. The other part of me was sure he just wanted to torture me....more

You've Got Mail

Hi all my lovely readers!! These past few days have been gorgeous out!! All I want to do is be outside. Unfortunately,  had to do some major cleaning, and hauling out (de-junk) ugh  It was driving me insane. I figured if it was gonna be nice all week, we'd probably live outside so might as well get it clean that way I don't have to worry about it. As I was cleaning my kitchen I looked at that ugly, old mail organizer  that's been hanging in the same spot since we even moved in....more

Business Lessons from the US Postal Service Woes

I am a big fan of sending and receiving snail mail even in today's virtual world. Say what you will, but sending an e-card is NOT the same as receiving a handwritten physical card from someone. The convenience of walking to the mailbox to receive client payments or magazine subscriptions couldn't be easier. At $.45 (rising to $.46 in late January 2013) for a first-class U.S. stamp, you can't beat it. So, for a system so crucial to our life and business operations, how could it get perched on the edge of financial disaster? ...more
And here ya go!  Saturday mail delivery no ...more

Mail Call

The highlight of my day lately has been when the mail comes each afternoon.  Unfortunately, we're at the end of the route so some days it's almost six before the mail gets here.  I'm not the most patient person, so those days tend to aggravate just a bit!I enter a ton of sweepstakes, giveaways, and sample offers.  I never know what the mailman will bring and I'm rarely disappointed.  I'm also pretty sure he's not too thrilled with all the stuff he has to haul for me but I consider myself his job security!...more
 @Kraken I count you among them!!  Thank you, honey!!more

UFO in My Yard

Today's post, all about construction workers who don't work on Friday and the joys of getting the mail. http://lifewithmatty.blogspot.com/2011/11/ufo-in-my-yard.html...more

Pen Pals

Organizing Incoming Mail

Hello, all!I just wanted to share a quick tip with all of you for organizing - I have found it to be EXTREMELY valuable! To handle incoming mail at the office or at home, create a file box (one that will hold either a few hanging folders or manilla folders - not too large.) This box can sit on the counter or desk and should be located closest to the door and garbage can. Create files with the following titles:To PayTo Act (or To Do)PendingTo EnterTo AttendTo FileTo Read Then, use the files as follows: ...more