Italian Meatloaf

Chicken and Asparagus in a White Wine Sauce

  This is a super easy weeknight meal that won't hurt your waistline....more

Chicken Franese

Do you know how hard it is to cook dinner for my family when they come over?...more
I love chicken too! And luckily for me my family isn't very picky. This recipe looks delicious! ...more

Cashew Panko Chicken Tenders with Polynesian Sauce

My very first job was working at the brand-spankin’ new (at the time) Chik-fil-a in the Boca Mall. Yes. I thought I was big. time. Free chicken nuggets and chicken sandwiches? That was worth more than my actual hourly wages....more
I'm hungry now. That's what I get for reading at breakfast time. I love "fake-out" meals. I need ...more

Bistecca Alla Pizzaiola Recipe

I have not had Steak Pizzaiola since my grandparents were alive, and I have never made it myself. We buy a 1/2 beef from my sis-in-law each year so I am always looking for stuff to make with beef; especially the roasts, and tenderized round steaks. So I thought why not make this. The beauty about learning to cook by watching your ancestors, especially Italian ancestors, is that you did have to pay attention and make it a bonding experience because nothing was ever measured or written down, it was all to “taste”! ...more

Fondue: A Romantic Option for Valentine's Day

Though plenty of people choose to eat out for Valentine's Day, there's something romantic about dining in, but making a meal that is a little out of the ordinary to celebrate love and friendship. Fondue is a great option for this night, whether you're in a relationship or not -- it's a fun, communal food that definitely isn't anyone's regular Monday night dinner. ...more

I would have to wholeheartedly agree with you, Melissa!

--- Genie, more

a chili by any other name…

Today (February 1st) marks the first anniversary of the first andthenmakesoup post. I’m amazed at how quickly the year passed, and that I have yet to make a dent in my recipe files!A big thank you to all my friends (including those I’ve yet to meet in person) for support, comments, on and offline feedback, and especially for putting up with me saying “Wait, wait, don't eat it yet, I have to take a picture of it first!!” I appreciate all of you....more

Simple and Cool Indian Breakfast/Snack

Poha is my all time favorite snack, which, many a time becomes my go-to lunch or dinner especially when I am alone. I love the simple, clean flavors of it plus it's ridiculously easy to put together, light and healthy. And, did I mention I LOVE it?! :) For the story and recipe behind this dish, please visit my blog, Fork Spoon Knife Cheers Asha ...more