Monsoon Wedding

Today is my and Jacob's first wedding anniversary. In honor of that I thought it would be appropriate to share the magical tale of our wedding....more

Foggy Mornings in Maine

  Foggy Mornings in Maine   I love foggy mornings in Maine.  I go to Maine twice a year and if I'm lucky, I'll get to take fog pictures.  Once, when I stopped at the visitor's center in Freeport, I was told that due to the fog, visibility at the Portland Head Lighthouse might not be good.  Of course, I was thrilled and couldn't wait to get there.   Portland Head Lighthouse ...more
@MarilynLara Beautiful! I'm originally from New Brunswick so we use to have an annual trip in ...more

Dynamite Summer Music

I love having dance parties with my two boys. We usually blast some music and dance around the living room. It’s a great way to get that little boy pent up energy out and just, well, let go. On our short ride back to the house from daycare and summer camp yesterday, we heard the song “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz....more

Wicked Good - 2 sisters, 2 states and Asperger's syndrome

My sister and I have written a novel called Wicked Good. It's the story of a mother and her son with Asperger's syndrome. People frequently ask how it came to be that two sisters wrote a novel together while living in different states.It was March. The snow was dirty brown and the sun was absent here in Bangor, Maine....more

I'm so impressed that you guys went out there and wrote a book. It actually sounds really good, ...more

My Camera Loves the Lighthouses of Maine

  I've been to Maine many times and have photographed quite a few of its 60 lighthouses.  My camera loves the Portland Head Lighthouse, which is said to be the most photographed lighthouse on the East coast.  It's also the oldest of Maine's lighthouses.     ...more

Wicked Good - our first royalty check and other good news

      We received our first royalty check. It's not much but to us it's millions. To see it, go to our blog at ...more

Wicked Good - update

 Hi Everyone -    Please see our blog at for an update on the publishing process of Wicked Good.Thanks, Amy and ...more

Wicked Good - made its first top 20 book list

The Gelati’s Scoop/The G-ZONE Top 20 novels of the 1st quarter of this year 2011   Hi, everybody! I have put together my top 20 picks of novels for so far this year. 1. Harlan Coben-Live Wire 2. John Locke- Everything the guy has done: Donovan Creed to Follow the Stone. This is must read stuff! 3. Layton Green- The Summoners- $.99 of kick#$% 4.Lee Goldberg-Mr. Monk on the Road- This is probably the man’s best work with this character!...more

Wicked Good - Chapter Twenty-four

Chapter Twenty-four Archer hadn’t expected the Gloucester Police Department to be so modern. It’s brick and glass structure stood conspicuously among the neglected storefronts and homes she had passed since exiting Route 128. Its design was likely intended to instill confidence in Gloucester’s law enforcement personnel and assurance to the community. Archer felt little of that confidence as she passed The Policeman’s Prayer and entered the building. She approached the officer encased behind thick, smoky glass; wishing there was a prayer for Rory. ...more

Wicked Good - Chapter Twenty-two

 Chapter Twenty-two             Archer loved to drive, listen to the radio, sing and wiggle in her seat. To her ears, she was in tune. But as Wayne liked to remind her, she was off-key. So when she was alone, she sang. Loud and proud. And to herself, she was perfectly in tune....more