Wicked Good - Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten             With only one day of his suspension left, Archer sat in her living room, looking at the letterhead of the heavy linen paper in her hands, running her fingers over the raised seal and reading it again. The Office of Judicial Appointment invites you to interview with the Governor’s Judicial Selection Committee on Friday at three o’clock.  In one week, she would be interviewed to be a Judge. She smiled, feeling surprisingly pleased. She had worked hard. It was a long time coming....more

Wicked Good - Chapter Nine

Chapter Nine             Archer had just finished sweeping “her side” of the garage.  Rory sat crossed legged on the other side. A lawn mower tipped on its side rested in front of him. Gas cans, funnels, and assorted tools surrounded him.             “Do you know where the trowel is to plant bulbs?” she asked....more

Wicked Good - Chapter Eight

 Chapter Eight Archer had made the drive to Bangor General many times. She remembered at least seven. Four to the emergency room—three lawn mower related accidents, one a sledding mishap. Rory was lucky to have all of his fingers. Plus three trips to the psychiatric wing. The first time, he was eight years old. The last, he was twelve. As she drove, she tried Wayne’s cell.  No answer. She wondered if he had forgotten to charge his phone again....more

Wicked Good - Chapter Seven

 Chapter Seven Archer auto-dialed Rory’s cell phone. No answer. She called Wayne. No service. She threw on her clothes and headed into the garage. She would look for Rory at the Mobil-To-Go first, then at Trish’s trailer. Was he still impaired by the vodka? Was he feeling safe? She backed out of the garage then slammed on her brakes when she saw the police car blocking the driveway. She ran to the driver’s window. “Is Rory okay?” ...more

Wicked Good - Chapter Six

Chapter Six...more

Wicked Good - Chapter Five

Chapter FiveSeated at the kitchen table, Archer looked at the document on the laptop screen without seeing it, grateful for the cool air blowing from the pink fan. She was preparing a marital settlement agreement for a couple who was divorcing after thirty-seven years. She represented the husband who had made an excellent living as an executive at the paper mill only to discover his wife had been having an affair with her dermatologist....more

Wicked Good - Chapter Four

Chapter Four...more

Wicked Good - Chapter Three

Chapter Three Archer slammed on the brakes and parked the Subaru at an angle, not caring what cars or school buses she blocked. She should have followed her gut. She should have made him stay home. She jumped out of the car and saw Kara rushing toward her. Archer tried to send brain waves. Don’t hug me, I’ll cry.  Don’t hug me, I’ll cry.  Kara reached toward her.  Archer raised her arms like the victim of a hold-up. ”Just tell me he’s okay.” ...more

Wicked Good - Chapter Two

 Chapter Two At her office, Archer leaned back in her chair and thought about that morning. Rory had insisted on going to school.  He hadn’t wanted to miss the first day.  She had felt anxious.  She wanted to excuse him from school so she could watch him “eyes on”, as the experts said.  He probably would be fine.  He had made his own lunch, searched for the specific black t-shirt he wanted to wear and left on his bicycle for school in a good mood....more

Wicked Good - Chapter One

Chapter One "Mom, I don’t feel safe." Fifteen year old Rory Falcon said. Archer Falcon opened her eyes and tried to focus on the illuminated hands on the clock beside her bed.  It was either ten minutes after midnight or two in the morning. A cool September breeze blew through the open window.  A Bangor, Maine sanitation truck rolled along the street, whirling brushes spraying water and sweeping the road....more