I was talking to a friend of mine this morning who is a teacher, and the conversation turned to the topic of "inclusion."Now, for those of you who have not been baptized into the world of special education, allow me to submerge you.  Inclusion is when you take special education children and put them in regular education classrooms.  That, of course, is a an extreme oversimplification, but hopefully you get the idea....more

Hope Never Fails (or listens)

About a month ago, I attended a meeting between parents of children on the spectrum and our local school district. It was hosted by a parent-run independent organization whose mission is "To promote, support, and advocate for the education of diploma-bound students on the autism spectrum in grades K–12."(1). Having 2 very intelligent children on the spectrum, I thought it would be a good organization to look into. It would allow me to anticipate potential issues and start learning how to address potential pitfalls....more

Jenna Jamison, Porn Star Extraordinaire, Leaving The World of Adult Entertainment?

Super porn star, Jenna Jamison, is on her knees again except this time there are no cameras rolling, no bright lights, no oiled down studs and no ‘erection’ wrangler standing at the ready. Jenna, it seems, is in talks with the producers of the hit Broadway show, “Rock of Ages” as the possible new star of this iconic musical.  Jenna says she’s “praying I get the role” in a statement she made to Page Six and reported by Fox News....more

Worried Over Nothing

Yup. The meeting is done and over with and, as most who know me could have predicted, I worried about (you guessed it) Absolutely Nothing. Rachel is remaining in the CAPP program. There wasn't even a discussion (there may have been some in the room who didn't agree, but they didn't say so during the meeting -- they may have discussed it before I arrived or at a previous time). I just wish the rest of this journey was so easy....more