It really pisses me off when my husband gets the mail.

 I adore my husband.  I’ve put up with him for 11½ years and have yet to get tired of him.  Does he have his quirks?  Sure.  Does he drive me crazy?  Sometimes.  Does he do things that irk me?  Of Course! One of those irksome things is when he gets the mail.  And it’s not just the mail, it’s the newspaper too.  Seems silly, I know.  But it’s not just about the mail or the newspaper, it’s about the Freedom!...more
Denise  Nah, if we solved all our problems, what would I have to blog about?  Just kidding...we ...more

"Independence is the easy part"

With Independence Day rolling around, I'm thinking about independence and dependence. Webster's notes that "depend" is from the Latin "to hang from"  and so I have wondered does loving, depending mean you have to hang from? In college I was sure depending was a bad thing, a way to lose yourself. Now, I'm not so sure - there's a beauty to depending, and a wonder about being depended on. ...more