A Few of my Favorite Things

I didn't start wearing makeup until my late twenties and now that I do, my collections has grown a bit.  It's fun being able to use different products to produce subtle or drastic changes to your skin. I love the skin underneath it all, however I like the refreshed look I get from cosmetics.  The cosmetics industry is big these days and since I enjoy wearing it, I also enjoy reading about and watching videos too.  It would only be right if I shared my main staples.  Below are some of the things I'm wearing now:...more

Is Shunning Makeup the Key to Gender Equity at Work?

A few weeks ago, I left the house and headed to Aaron Brothers to claim my insanely overpriced but very pretty custom frame. After a few blocks, I looked into the rear view mirror and realized with a start that I'd left the house without a stitch of makeup on....more
Jennifer Lorenzetti  I'm fairly basic in my repertoire, too, but I wonder if that 3,000 hour ...more

The Thunderstorm

NaBloPoMo ~ January 25, 2014 THE THUNDERSTORM A Short Story By D. B. Mauldin...more

Make-Up I'm Loving

Welcome to a new feature here at Structure in an Unstructured Life - Things I'm Loving. Here I'll share some of the products I use on a regular basis and absolutely love. Not a sponsored and review post, just my own personal opinion. You know, the info I'd share if we were hanging out and chatting with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.  So for this first edition, I'm sharing some of the make-up I'm loving right now. These are all tried and used - a ton - by me.  ...more

Shanna Moakler inspired Make-up!

Kate Perry & Covergirl

This week it is the week of all announcement in the beauty planet, since Monday, we don’t stop to discover who will be the next muse of the brand of cosmetics. After Saskia de Brauw for Armani, Laura Stone for L’Oreal Paris and Leighton Meester for Biotherm, it is the turn of one of the most successful singer : Kate Perry....more

Tips for Amazing Eye Makeup

I think I might have a slight (okay, that’s a lie -- more like acute) obsession with makeup. Makeup and I go a long way back. Right back to when I was a badass fourteen-year-old who felt no shame walking out of the house with God-awful raccoon eyes, thinking and believing I was the Queen Bee of makeup....more
Great post! I always admire someone who is good at make up. I am fabulous with skin care and ...more

How this Painted Earth Make-Up Review Will Help You

 It’s always good to read reviews before you buy.  That way you don’t waste your hard-earned money.  This review will help you in deciding if this is a good kind of natural, mineral make-up for you.  And if you need SPF in your make-up, this will help you decide if this is enough.  ...more

C&C's Everyday Favorites

Learning To Love Myself Without Make-up

Our hair was always clean and brushed, our clothes neat when other people would see us.  My favorite dress was one worn decades before by my aunt Glenda, a once white gauzy number that lent itself to wide round twirls in the summertime.  I wasn't raised by a mother who put much emphasis on physical appearance save for a lacy barrette on Sunday mornings.  She never wore makeup or high heels but she was still the prettiest lady I knew and would sit patiently while I tied her hair into a thousand knots and brushed baby blue dress-up eyeshadow across her lids....more