What is Christmas In July?

Hey, guess what? Christmas in July is going to be taking over my blog in July so if you don't know what that looks like there has been a few hints. Yet, while I will promote and prompt many googlebots  to find out about nonprofits I hope to actually help some humans too....more

Smile at someone today

Do you ever have those days or moments where it seems any little thing can push you over the edge. I'm there right now. It isn't something I can explain or even justify, it just is. There are days where nothing seems right. Where the loneliness and isolation just gets to me. Where watching the news or reading another dreadful headline is more than I can take. So, I'd like to ask you a favour. Today, and most days, but especially today, take a moment and smile at a stranger....more

What do you know about bone marrow donation? Educate yourself, win eco-prizes, save a little girl's life!

I was sent a story about a little girl. A little 10 month old baby girl that was given a devastating blow. A devastating diagnosis that would require a bone marrow transplant from a stranger in order to survive.Kate Boggan...more

We walked to feed 10,000 school kids

Yesterday - on Sunday June 6 - the world came together in a global demonstration against hunger. In 153 cities in 70 countries all around the world more than 150,000 people joined Walk the World 2010 - the annual fundraising event of the UN World Food Programme. The preliminary result of the fundraising event shows that WFP can feed 10,000 school children for a year - simply because these 150,000 people put on their shoes and went for a walk. ...more

Be Happy: Do One Nice Thing

Want to make the world a better place and feel better yourself? It all starts when you do one nice thing. When you help someone out, it gives you hope too. ...more

Kid Tech Charity: Give 1, Get 1

Election Blog Party 2008!

  I believe this election is one of the most important ones this country has faced in a long time.  There are so many issues at stake.  The economy, the environment, our relations, present and future, with other countries; global warming, health care, social security, education... I could go on and on. With that said, I believe everyone needs to get out and vote during this election! ...more