I Fell in Love with a Robotic Giraffe: BlogHer Goes to the White House Maker Faire

When I stepped onto the White House South Lawn today, I immediately fell deeply and completely in love with a 17-foot tall, motorized robotic giraffe.  I've met a lot of cool beings at the White House: the President, the First Lady... Bo.  But none compared to Lindsay Lawlor's robotic giraffe, especially once he made the electronic animal walk on his wheels. ...more

Maker Faire (Queens): NY Hall of Science

Maker Faire (Queens): NY Hall of Science ...more

Maker Faire '08, Permission To Play

Saturday, I left my house at dawn and headed down to San Mateo for a day at Maker Faire. It was my first experience with this extravanganza, but it won't be my last.  As the sign says: the day emphasized the permission to play. ...more

A BlogLines search on the topic: Maker Faire is growing by the minute. Still lots of buzz going ...more