Shimmery Makeup: Not Just for Teens

A lot of people believe that shimmery makeup has no place on a face older than 19. They think women over 35 should only wear matte foundation, eye shadow, and lipstick.Well, times have changed. Makeup textures have lightened up, and shimmery, dewy, glossy finishes are in style. They're so in style that they're difficult to avoid--and we shouldn't avoid them....more

My eyebags are in danger of needing their own postcode, so if a bit of sparkle might work I'm ...more

Makeup Option - Take it off!

Even the most beautiful of celebrities take a day off from the make-up grind. The best news is that most of them look just like us -beautiful! Take the pressure off, Busy Chick! Please excuse the lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-ong gap. Remember, it's a new baby. Scoll down to see what I'm talkin' about....more

Diversions: A breakup's best friend.

The holidays keep moving along, coming whether I'm ready or not, and I've been thinking about things like dealing with nostalgia ("Breakups vs. The Holidays") and triumphantly putting up my first Christmas tree on my own ("I'm a Christmas-aholic"). But it's still a tough time no matter what. I still have twinges of panic when I'm faced with the holidays and when that happens, I dig into my bag of diversions, take one out, and become my usual compulsive self over it. One of these diversions is one I've mentioned before. If you know me now, you know I love beauty products and makeup. ...more

"Green" Make-up: Great Ingredients But Still Working on the Packaging

I frequently get asked about what I do for plastic-free makeup, and honestly I haven’t had the best answer. I continue to use the products that I already had and generally only replace them with plastic-free alternatives once they are used up....more

Hi ulew.  Thanks for raising these issues.  It's nice when a company is trying to ...more

Victoria's Secret--how buying makeup can make you look sexy

It's a well-known fact that Victoria's Secret has the cutest small shopping bags ever. They're two delicious shades of pink, and they're just big enough for a garter belt or maybe a thong. But I'm not the customer VS has in mind. Me? In a Wonderbra? Me? In a thong? I haven't really seen the point of walking into a VS store. Until now. Christian Sariano, winner of Season 4 of Project Runway teamed up with Heidi Klum to produce a limited-edition makeup collection for Victoria's Secret. It looked lovely and was generating a lot of excitement--enough to get me into the store. ...more

Ladies, ladies, PLEASE be careful about which products you fall in love with at VS. I once ...more

My New Habit or Deal- Day 19



My dear friend D, now my model and muse, thought she couldn’t wear bright makeup because of her big blue eyes and pale olive skin. So we spent a day playing with color with the intention of proving her wrong… and making her drop dead gorgeous. The look we achieved was so fun and totally rock-n-roll (electric purple enhanced with browns for eye, a pale nude lip and flawless, soft skin).  In fact, it was such an ode to brights, we decided to shoot the finished beauty look outside in NYC amidst a kaleidoscope of urban colors. ...more

Time to Toss the Gloss?

This pale gloss goes both ways – works with peaches, works with pinks – and is just so pretty in its packaging.  I was immediately drawn to it like candy. ...more

And I think it would be even better-suited for mascara, hope that's ...more

Outlet shopping for makeup? Yes!

It happens every year. I start checking out the Nordstrom website to see what goodies are being offered for the Anniversary Sale. And I get sucked into the cosmetics department. This time, I was stopped dead in my tracks by this Bobbi Brown set. The lip palette, the eyeshadow duo, the gel eyeliner! What does it matter that I don't need more lip gloss and hardly ever wear eyeshadow or eyeliner? WANT. ...more

I always check out the Costmetics Co store too, and you're right--you can get some great deals ...more

I love makeup!

Well I am new here at but I thought I would first day hi and tell you all about my blog and what I love. My blog if called Addict For Beauty. It focuses on makeup, skincare, nails, hair, fashion, pop culture and more. I love makeup and skin care. I have an obession with it! ...more

Have a beauty inspired day!


Thank you for your kind comments. I checked ...more