Made up Eyes & Face, Be Gone! Makeup Remover Review: CAILYN- Dizzolv'It

As you have already read in previous posts, I am crazy about removing makeup before going to bed. It is essential. It is an absolute. If you are going to wear it, you must commit and follow through and remove your face, just as you took the time to put it on....more


I may be 5’11”, but model material, I am not.So, when a friend asked me to be her makeup model for a day, I was a little hesitant. Like my grandmother, I am not a fan of having my photo taken. It’s something I’m trying to work on, so I said yes, hoping it would not only get me out of my comfort zone for a bit, but also make me a bit more at ease in front of the camera.To Continue Reading this Post, Please Visit:...more

Sizzling Beauty Trends for Summer 2015

Spring has sprung and summer is now ready to make her debut. Typically, summer makeup looks have been airy and light. Summer 2015 has completely changed the game! Bold red lips, bright pops of color on lids, sultry cat eyes and barely there nude faces are in order for this season. The new color palettes of this season have been amped up the glam notch by one hundred....more

This or That

Hello! Welcome! I feel like I don't say that enough. Today I will be starting something new called "This or That" where I literally choose between two like products and give you the run down on both. Let's get to it, shall we? MASCARA ...more

Top 5 Spring Makeup Products

Hey friends! ...more