Lip Stick Basics: Fundamental Colors

When it comes to lip sticks, I believe every person who is into makeup should start off with a red, pink, nude and a fun-flirty color. This post should be especially helpful to girls of a darker complexion who may have had issues finding these colors in suitable shades....more

My 10 Makeup Bag Essentials

One of my favorite parts of the morning is grabbing a fresh cup of coffee, then applying my makeup. I have been wearing makeup now longer than I have not been wearing makeup, and I make no apologies. I love playing with product and trying new things, but I also have a few standbys that I've been using for years. Here is what is currently in heavy rotation in my makeup bag: ...more
I'm sorry, my what?more

No Fuss Make-Up/On-the-Go Face of the Day

I don't know about you but I dislike spending too much time on my makeup when I wear it. I usually am running out the door when I apply it and I like a routine that is quick and easy. I save the elaborate face for more fancy occasions. When I need a quick beat, I pull out a few items that'll do the job....more

Blush comparison: MAC Pinch O’Peach vs NYX Peach

Hi dear everyone, hope you are having a wonderful day. Today’s post is the comparison of two blushes I have in my collection, MAC sheertone blush Pinch O’Peach (I heard that it has been discontinued) and NYX Peach....more

The Time I Blew a Crazy Amount of Cash on Discontinued Lipstick

We've all been there: Faithful to a particular cosmetic item; loyal as can be. We've grown to depend on it day in and day out, and it has come through for us—pun intended—with flying colors. Then, one day...Poof! In comes word that said item has been discontinued....more
please tell me that u have that u can sell to me!!!! i need one and im crying over here lol ...more

My Birthday Giveaway: em Cosmetics Michelle Phan Shadow Play Palette, Tokyo Plums

Yesterday was my birthday, and for my birthday, I'm giving away a gift to one of you: an em Cosmetics Michelle Phan Shadow Play Palette in Tokyo Plums. Although it snowed on my birthday for the first time in my life (snow in mid-April??), this palette is perfect for spring, which it should be by now!...more

April 2014 Beauty Rocks Ipsy Bag: A Great Deal for 10 Bucks

This month, April 2014, I received my Beauty Rocks ipsy Glam Bag on my birthday! It was definitely like receiving another present, especially since I didn't get that many presents anyway, lol....more

Tarte CC Matte Be Mattenificent Palette: Spring-y Shadow Blush Shades

I'm on a matte shadow jag, and the beautiful matte palette from Tarte really got my attention....more

Subscription Box Galore

You know I love receiving anything in the mail that isn't a bill. Subscription boxes are my B.F.F. They pair "happy mail" and shopping, which is a winning combination.  ...more