My Birthday Giveaway: em Cosmetics Michelle Phan Shadow Play Palette, Tokyo Plums

Yesterday was my birthday, and for my birthday, I'm giving away a gift to one of you: an em Cosmetics Michelle Phan Shadow Play Palette in Tokyo Plums. Although it snowed on my birthday for the first time in my life (snow in mid-April??), this palette is perfect for spring, which it should be by now!...more

April 2014 Beauty Rocks Ipsy Bag: A Great Deal for 10 Bucks

This month, April 2014, I received my Beauty Rocks ipsy Glam Bag on my birthday! It was definitely like receiving another present, especially since I didn't get that many presents anyway, lol....more

Tarte CC Matte Be Mattenificent Palette: Spring-y Shadow Blush Shades

I'm on a matte shadow jag, and the beautiful matte palette from Tarte really got my attention....more

Subscription Box Galore

You know I love receiving anything in the mail that isn't a bill. Subscription boxes are my B.F.F. They pair "happy mail" and shopping, which is a winning combination.  ...more

Studio Cream Hydrating CC Cream in Linen: A Perfect Match

Studio Gear Hydrating CC Cream comes in three shades that tend toward the lighter side: Linen, Natural and Wheat. Hopefully, one day, they will introduce a shade for women with deeper skin tones. ...more

Obsessive Compulsive Lip Tar Primary Pack: Mix Your Own

Sephora now has Obsessive Compulsive Lip Tar Primary Pack, an All Star Mini set of 5 primary colors: white, black, red, yellow, blue, and black. Each color comes in a little tube and you get to mix the colors to create endless shades of liquid lipstick. You can make green or purple or orange or grey or whatever shade your heart desires....more

Lipstick Lovin'

Last month, I really enjoyed highlighting some of the products I've been loving, so I'm doing it again!  For my February Favorites post I went with a nail care theme, but this month it's all about the lips! ...more

Freebies for Me: Makeup Gifts from Ulta Rewards and Influenter's Partners

I lucked out this week and got a bunch of free goodies from Ulta Rewards and from Influenster, as a result of earning a couple of badges from the Holly Jolly Vox Box in December. The Influenster promo was a lot of work, but both NYC and Rimmel sent me free stuff to try....more