november post 7: who knows where the time goes?

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Wishing I Was Upstairs...

And not because I like two-story homes. I actually told my husband many years ago that I NEVER wanted to live in a multi-story dwelling. They don't appeal to me. The extra space. The loftiness. The stacking of life. I'm not a 'bird' person. I like roots. Ground. Stability. Well, relatively speaking. ...more

Bakery Fantasy? Petit Fours in Sausalito

Bay Area dessert making lovers can geek out on tools, technical tips, mass production machinery and techniques by attending Dragonfly Cakes' two hour class on p...more

I love Dragonfly - may have to get over to Marin to take this class some time!

aka ...more

National Craft Month

Well, it is here - officially!  National Craft Month. Now, for those of you who are not crafters, this might seem like an odd thing to blog about.  For those of us who are crafters, however, this is like month-long crafty Mardi Gras.  What I love about this month is that crafters from all over come together and make stuff.  It is that simple.  That pure.  That awesome....more

It really is a great month to get inspired and get motivated. Trust me, once you start, you will ...more