How to Find Your Parenting Village Through Blogging

When I was pregnant with my son, many of my well-meaning friends and relatives stressed the importance of finding a mommy group in my neighborhood. "You will need the support," they said. "You will be lonely," they warned. I kept those words in mind and was certain that I would have an easy time of neatly fitting myself into a group of cool moms that nursed together at cafés and swapped onesies. I thought that living in a family-centric neighborhood meant that every mom would love to be my friend. I thought I would just stroll into our local playground, and all the mothers would flock to me, eager to have me join their club. ...more

Ode to Evangeline

In the early 90s there was a grant run program I taught at briefly entitled "Latimer," an after school enrichment program for at-risk elementary students on the Hill, one of the roughest neighborhoods in the city.  When my growling '78 Cougar turned the corner of Craig Street, I was met with drug dealing well wishers holding up blunts for sale, thinking I was a potential buyer....more

It's a Wonderful Life

One thing I can honestly say about my life is that it's not boring and when it's on the verge of becoming mundane, something happens to spice it up whether I like it or not. I got a phone call from a woman a couple of days ago who is a secretary at my former employer and she is just finishing up the clean-out of her deceased parents' home. I agreed to see what was left, though the majority of it had already been sold or removed. She didn't want any money, just wanted me to take anything to relieve her of the burden of dumping it....more