How to Make Friends in Middle Age

Studies show that social relationships have a big impact on the mental and physical health, quality of life and even mortality levels of women over 50.  In other words, having friends in midlife increases the odds you’ll live longer, healthier and with all your marbles....more


 SHIPS IN PASSING......TRYING TO CONNECT…..Ships in the Night it often seems like….Ships passing each other but no real way to connect.  It can seem so difficult to make that intial contact with someone you see from a glance, distance, or just oh so briefly. Savyy connectors are people who simply know the art of CONNECTING…...more

Tips for Making New Friends When You're Single

I've always been pretty lucky when it comes to being surrounded by a strong friend group. No matter where I've lived, I always had that connection. Honestly, in my younger years it was easy. I was always in environments that fostered new friendships. Now that I've experienced moving to a new place as an adult, I can tell you from experience things change....more
laurenjpeters  I completely agree with you lauren. I've been doing the same, pushing myself out ...more

How do I make friends in my early twenties?

About a year and a half ago I moved back to my hometown, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I already have a small group of friends but as a woman of 23 years of age, already graduated from university, currently finding herself I've recently realizedI have no idea how to make friends in a non-acedemic context.It's pretty simple making friends when you're studying: you're just sat next to people for so long you start bonding over whatever it is that you're learning. Cue the library Facebook statuses that probably irritate other people who are not in college anymore....more
AlishaRouse BlogHer It was like 'I am gonna cry cos your life is so hard for me! wah wah wah me ...more

The Friend Finders, How an Expat Child (or Mom!) Makes New Friends.

Yep. We’re new to these here parts (Shanghai, China), and things have been mighty lonely around the ranch. Our housing compound is brand new, and more than half of the homes were empty when we moved in 2 whole weeks ago. With 3 very social children, I needed to do something. Fast.One evening, my son and I went out on a friend finding mission, but with no luck. Another evening, I spotted a girl on a bicycle riding by our house – as I bolted out the door to make her acquaintance, she had ridden away. I swear I ran down the street after her, but she was so speedy!...more

The Thing I Hate Most About Going To The Park

Aside from the occasional adult who’ll walk away with my kids’ toys, there is one reason why I some times hate going to the park. I hate having to watch Eva try to make friends with the older kids. Eva loves to be included in play. She especially loves to play with older children. Sometimes we get lucky and meet an older child that’s willing to hang out with a two-year-old, but most times not so much. ...more
Totally agree. She's two, don't worry about it.more


“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: “What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” ― C.S. Lewis...more
Having just started university (Creative Writing major), I found the friend-making process ...more