There Goes My Mommy Street Cred!

Every now and then, my best friend/partner/hubby will need to be out of town for a few days. Usually for not very long and it is really not very often.But when he leaves, it seems that my children's trust in my ability to play both the Mom and the Dad, seems to follow him right out the door....more

Making It Work

No sleep is not an option for me. My sense of security is back in tact since I think we are on the same page in trying to work things out. I lean over and kiss his lips. I say goodbye and don’t hear a response before I walk out the door….not knowing what is in store next.I text Jason the next day apologizing for leaving and explaining how he knows that his loud snoring keeps me awake.He doesn’t reply. I text him again later in the day, and he doesn’t respond to that text either....more

Dear Dr. Romance: Do you feel that she is wanting out and doesn't want to tell me or hurt me?

Dear Dr. Romance:I have a question for you. I normally don't ask questions like this. But I was looking at your Facebook page and reading some of your responses. Here goes....more

Dr. Romance's Friends: Counseling helps blogger's marriage

Dr. Romance's fellow blogger, the delightful Melanie Waldman of Travels with two, writes:  ...more

Finding Your Self in Relationships

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