8 Books That Will Change Your Life

If you are like me, as we head towards the end of the year we start thinking about goals for the new year....more

Going to INSPIRE and help others

Today i realize the hustle and bustle of the school year ending and my husband pointing me in every direction, but in the direction of things i would like to do!!!! So this will be quick. I am beginning to write my own book and in hopes that i will find the time to do so i come to this blog and chat about my everyday life. Although no one knows what has shaped me into who i am today. This book may get me sued or killed but i am going to write my heart out anyway....more
Good luck with your writing. Keep us all up to date on the progress.more

Changing Our Lives. One Blog At A Time.

As I type this, my hands are shaking.Equal parts fear and outrage. Afraid of making contact with the outside world and expressing my demands to change the way that we view and treat the mentally ill.Day by day, we slip through the cracks and become invisible within our communities, our families, our healthcare system. ...more

Nueva York, Nueva Outlook

As I edge closer and closer to my late 20's (27 is still "mid", right?), my heart edges farther and farther away from Boston. I've put in five years here, lived in four apartments, cried endlessly throughout two failed relationships, and held down two steady jobs. I'd say I'm an overall very happy person, but not satisfied when analyzing these post-college statistics....more

Anonymous Encouragement

After word began to get out that I was leaving my company to go out on my own as an independent contractor, I received a curious email on my work account. It landed in my Inbox as opposed to Junk Mail folder, although I didn't recognize the email address. The email contained only the following:...more

Ex-plore in the New Year

Wondering what to do in the New Year? Most of us want to try something different and we have high expectations of the changes we'll make....more

The Sheer Power of Silence

Silence has the power to shake us at the core.  It also has the power to allow us to tap into the deepest and most important pieces of ourselves so we create our life, our business, our careers, our relationships, and our every single precious day in a way that is meaningful.  Eight years ago this Friday, 9/11 created a powerful hush that moved many to make lasting changes in their lives.  For others their proclamation of change fell by the wayside as emotions were forgotten or buried on the way back to status-quo because fear or complacency took the driver's seat. ...more

A form of silence I love is the silence at a sporting event when national anthems are ...more