Affiliate Marketing Secrets for Bloggers

I am new to making money with my blogging. I didn't start out with the intention of making money--it was a happy accident. Having said that, I am definitely interested in making more money with blogging and, because of that goal, I have worked hard to make blogging my career. Although I'm not making much, I'm making enough to encourage progress. When I attended Blog World Expo in September, what I heard about making money with a blog is a) it's really hard to do (which I already knew) and b) ditch the AdSense or GoogleAds and focus on affiliate marketing or direct ad sales. ...more

Nice article Melanie. I don't believe in ditching adsense entirely though. I think most ...more

Ideas and Money

The quest of making money online... Is your opinion worth anything? ...more

The quest of making money online... Is your opinion worth ...more

Book on blogging hits the mark

A fellow member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors recently recommended a book on blogging. Start your Own Blogging Business by J. S. McDougall delivers what she said it would and more. The book covers blogging from startup to revenue earning, offering information for hobby bloggers and those who blog for business purposes. Read more at Creative Writer US. ...more