What My Daughter Would Ask Malala

Why, Cause?  My two-year old’s favorite new words, and ones I’m sure she would ask of The Bravest Girl in the World. ...more

Remember Malala When You Vote

We are only a few days away from barbarism at any time. Take away our thin veneer of civilization by cutting off power and the technological basis of every aspect of our very complexly orchestrated lives and the result is far too often something like we saw after Katrina. But for some, there is no need to wait for natural disaster. They want to create the same scenario through malice or ignorance, and often a blending of the two....more

The Girl Who Stood Up Against The Taliban

I've had instances of being shocked by news reports heard over the radio, but none affected me as much as the one I heard on the radio while I was driving this past Tuesday. In the report, a 14 year old girl from Pakistan had been shot while on a school bus by the Taliban due to her outspokenness. Upon hearing of this, I was filled with shock, anger and disgust at the men who specifically targeted this young girl to silence her. ...more

The Obscenity of Girls

Imagine if you lived in a place where educating women was considered an obscenity.  Imagine if your 14-year old daughter was gunned down for finding her voice and asking to go to school.  Imagine if fundamentalism kept women from pursuing anything close to freedom.  Imagine if all the rules governing women were made by men branding firearms with a nervous finger on the trigger should a female dare to step out from under the burkha or express an opinion formed by natural intelligence and critical thinking. Continue reading at ...more

Malala Yousafzai: Champion for Humankind

I was halfway to work when the story of ...more
@Waffle-Wednesday Thanks, dear.  I think my decision has to do with my own profession - teaching ...more