Every Child Deserves a Fifth Birthday

Hey boys and girls, what time is it? It’s BAMM  or Blog About Malaria Month.  And today's post addresses little known facts. For instance, did you know that:...more

Top five good news stories out of Africa in 2008

What a year. This year was a year full of challenges, from Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe to conflict in the DRC to famine in the horn. But it was also a year full of positive stories as well. Those stories often fall off the map (and I know I am sometimes guilty of this as well) but I wanted to highlight my favourite top five good news stories out of Africa in 2008. ...more

Make a Difference: Send a Net, Save a Life

  The financial meltdown yesterday makes me want to stay in bed and hide from the news. Obviously that's not the best idea. Just to make easing into the day better, I had an extra muffin for breakfast and I added an extra dollop of honey to my morning tea. But perhaps the best thing to keep me going isn't sugar or carbs, it's realizing I still am a very lucky person and I need to give back. All this week I will focus on simple ways as moms we can help the moms in the world live healthier, safer, and happier lives. ...more

The next president holds the power to save a million children

It's hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that nearly 10 million children worldwide die each year before the age of five, yet that is the reality according to a NY Times Op-Ed piece. We are fortunate that we aren't plagued with loss like that here in America, but in places like Sudan, where families are confronted with "every disease imaginable, from leprosy to malaria," it is estimated that approximately "one-quarter of children die by the age of five." ...more

... the next president would make the commitment. There are so many things a president can't do ...more

Many African maternal deaths are preventable, Bush provides malaria relief

A recent study revealed that a surprisingly large number of deaths among pregnant women in developing nations are from infectious diseases such as malaria, as opposed to from pregnancy-related illnesses. The findings suggest that many of these deaths are preventable. ...more

We really take for granted how far our heath care has come- it is so sad in this day and age so ...more