Five Quick & Easy Ways to Improve Your Sperm Count

Eliminate drugs, smoking, and alcohol. All of these can decrease  your sperm count, motility, and your sperm’s ability to fertilize an egg.Examine your diet. What you eat can play a big role in sperm quality. Deficiencies of folic acid, vitamin C, selenium and zinc can lower sperm count....more

Father’s Day: 8 Ways for Dads-to-Be to Supercharge Their Fertility

 When we are kids, teens, and young adults, we think of Father’s Day as an occasion to celebrate our dads and grandfathers. As we get older and start thinking about having a family of our own, we think about the holiday also as a celebration of ourselves.For couples trying to conceive, Father's Day can bring mixed emotions. There may be disappointment that you are not able to celebrate this Father’s Day, as well as excitement and anticipation about whether you will be able to celebrate fatherhood with a bundle in your arms next year. ...more
Thank you for a valuable post.  Pre-Seed was the first lubricant ever cleared (approved) by FDA ...more

Dear Sperm Donor

Dear Sperm Donor,...more

Does Wi-Fi Nuke A Man's Sperm?

There was small rumble about it in the news on Monday, but that rumble was from Reuters, and pretty soon it was EVERYWHERE. The BBC, even YAHOO had something about it: the WI FI is coming for our men's SPERM! No one's sperm is SAFE! WHATEVER SHALL WE DO!?!?! I'll tell you what we shall do. We shall look at this paper, and we shall READ it. And we will point the bright light of SCIENCE at it and find out if it's true that WI FI nukes human sperm. ...more
I do feel these electromagnetic waves have some affect on us. If they are emmiting such powerful ...more

Older Fathers, Dumber Kids?

Between work, school, volunteer commitments, and fun commitments (like my bookclub), I've been a bit overwhelmed for the past few months. First thing to go was TV, but when something else had to give, I found myself falling further and further behind in my magazine reading. I adore my Entertainment Weekly and New York Magazine time, usually finding these publications to have intellectually stimulating entertainment content. ...more

I hate that this information is buried in ways that similar information about female ...more