Hello from Happiest Mama

Hello Bloggers! This is my first Blogher post so I thought I would start off by just saying hello and introducing my blog! Happiest Mama is a blog devoted to "seeing the sippy cup as half full." I wrote all about happiness, well-being, and staying positive throughout the challenging days of parenting. I would love you to come check out my page at www.happiestmama.com   ...more

Just Thinking About My Blog

I cannot be the only one...who sometimes thinks about their blog and isn't really sure what it is. I question: is it informational, is it anecdotal, is it funny, or is it even relevant? I can't help but wonder sometimes, just what it is I am trying to accomplish here. What exactly is my blog about? ...more

The Verbal Sideswipe

I cannot be the only one...who has been having a perfectly fine day only to be verbally sideswiped by a friend (yes, a friend, not acquaintance) and was left wondering, "What just happened?!" My day started like any other, brisk jog through the neighborhood, breakfast with the fam, and then off to school right on time. Things were going great and it was only 7:25 in the morning....more

I have what? When? How? Not really sure how this happened but apparently I have an elderly parent. I don’t know how to feel abo

Not really sure how this happened but apparently I have an elderly parent. I don’t know how to feel about that. Because I don’t think I do. I have Mama....more

The Ultimate Gift Guide for the Foodie Mama: 2013

I wrote this post for RichmondMom. You can read the full article here. ...more

Poetry Night

Mama I saw her standing alone, In the middle of the room,one baby at her leg, the other on her hip.One baby cries, loud, inconsolable sobs bursting from her tiny lips. Another small one joins her,with a higher pitch that finds the breaking point of glass, shattering the woman’s nerves.Three other children roam this house;A six year old chases the seven year old down the hall,yelling, “Give it back to me.”And the seven year old yells back, “NO!”...more

Airport Thoughts...

I wouldn't call myself a seasoned traveller (yet) but I've logged my fair share of miles over the past 5 years or so. I remember when I first started travelling, everything was exciting. I'm definitely past that point now. In fact, after a few bad experiences of almost not making it to the gate in time, I'm a little nervous until I make it through the screening and into the waiting area....more

Why is My Fetus Trying to Ride a Bike?

His first word was mama.Actually, it was probably something more like mmm mmm mmm,  but I totally knew what he meant.  Soon, it became a clear ma  ma  with a cute little pause between the syllables. I loved hearing it....more


 Mama...   ...more

Don't mess with Mama (Blogging my book idea)

I've had a book idea rummaging around in my head for about a year now. I even went so far as to create a book proposal (grueling work!) and send it to four Christian literary agents. The two agents that responded to me said, Important topic, excellent writing, tight market, please don't give up. Translation: no. Yet, God didn't remove the thoughts from my head. No, She (God, that is) moved things around a bit and kept the call to write the book on my heart....more