New Resource for the Conservative Gals

Smart Girl Politics, one of my favorite organizations, just unveiled a brand new website for SGP Action....more

The New Female Reformers: Nikki Haley

This why so many conservative women are bewildered when liberal women reject us from the ranks of feminism. Compared to fighting the sexism and corruption that still exists within some pockets of the Republican Party, whining about choice seems frivolous. We're working to weed out corruption and eliminate barriers to political involvement. They're parading rusted coat hangers around. While we're advocating for policies that reduce taxes and help everyday Americans, they seem stuck in a time warp. ...more
While I appreciate your detaching of  religious belief from your politics, something very few ...more

Fur-Flying Smackdown with Sarah Palin: Mama Bear v. Kate Gosselin

Critics are arguing over what labels to assign Sarah Palin's new television show. According to Business Insider, ratings for Sarah Palin's Alaska have been plummeting since the curiosity over the premiere subsided. Perhaps TLC is banking that fans of reality shows mashups and other trainwrecks will be drawn to watching the obvious disaster of Kate Plus Eight on Sarah's turf. ...more

I love trash TV as much as the next gal but we don't even own a TV so apparently I'm way behind ...more

Review: "Fire From the Heartland," a Documentary About Conservative Women

Women like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann are really the unintended consequences of the women's liberation movement. For liberal feminists, this is not what they bargained for. We have successful, strong-willed, independent women who stand up for conservative, traditional values. Women are leading this movement because they've been raised to be unafraid. Completely balls to the wall unafraid. What to they have to run from? I didn't grow up feeling oppressed. I didn't grow up feeling like a victim. I'm not beholden to anyone. ...more
@Gena Haskett HUmmmmmm just agree to disagreed. The right has there bumblers and the left has ...more

Conservative Feminism: Understanding the Mama Grizzlies

Without the Democratic or Republican parties realizing it, women on the right changed dramatically over the last thirty years. Many feminists on the left must be asking themselves, "How did we get here? When did conservatives start embracing the word "feminism" with enthusiasm? ...more
@Marina DelVecchio agreed.more

The White House Project in the Age of Sarah Palin and the Mama Grizzlies

But not everyone should run. Over the years, I’ve seen workshops like these encourage women who lack the skills/temperament/politics which are a good fit for their district take up supporters’ time and money on doomed campaigns. Every successful woman candidate needs a good team behind her and that’s the role I’ve played, but I have become increasingly resentful of candidates with little or no chance to win asking me for my time/money. ...more

Mata, I'm disappointed, in a fact based debate, we cite our sources. That is what you are asking ...more