Where Can BlogHer Entrepreneurs Take Your Business? An Interview with Elke Govertsen

Our BlogHer Entrepreneurs '13 is just around the corner. Our Events team is busy, busy, busy getting things ready for two days of information sharing, networking, mentoring and general conference goodness. On my end, I've been interviewing some of our previous attendees along with some mentors and speakers. Today I'm featuring Elke Govertsen of mamalode magazine. She attended the BlogHer|BET (Business, Entrepreneurism, and Technology conference) in 2011 -- and it changed everything....more
Oh - Next Year! This year on March 21st, my company is allowing me to throw my own GoodBye Party ...more

Mamalode - An Inspiration

I had the nanny over today, so this morning, I went to my usual morning hang out place for breakfast. I wasn't very hungry to tell you the truth, I just wanted to have a moment to myself, to read and be inspired.After I ordered my Hong Kong Style milk tea and toasts with a condensed milk spread, I started flipping the pages of a magazine called Where Women Create. I have never picked...more
 @elkegovertsen Hello, I am very new to BlogHer and have no idea why my recent posts have no ...more

Den Chronicles: Hats off to Love!

I am so excited to have been a part of a collaborative ebook on Self-Love that was compiled by Evelyn Lim and Lance Ekum.My story tells of my struggle with self-love, and my challenge of wearing too many hats throughout my life, as many woman and mothers do.You can read my story today and be inspired to ditch some of those hats that will weigh you down after time!...more
I loved the picture! I thought it was super cute! All of those hats are a real balancing act :) ...more

Den Chronicles: Independence Daze

  As we celebrate another Independence Day in America, I begin to reminsice about the day I became a mom and lost my independence. Then I began to like the fact that I had children that depended on me. Just when I thought I had it figured all out, my oldest hits the teen years. It is like the early years of parenting all over again, as he strives to let freedom ring in his own life and I strive to be needed by him. Here is an excerpt from my latest post regarding parenting a teen: Now that I have a teenager I am seeing a new transformation....more

DEN CHRONICLES: The mystery middle child

Did you grow up as a middle child? Do you have more than two children yourself? I was the baby of the family growing up, but there were seven kids. The dynamics were very interesting and the middle children always felt a little left out. Years later my husband and I decided to have a 3rd child, automatically creating the dynamics of a middle child in our home....more

Make sure to stop by again next week for the 3rd of 3 about birth order and how they affect us ...more

Den Chronicles: "Are you my mother?"

A mother gave birth to her youngest child. Seven had come before her, and six had survived. She had more on her plate than many mothers could ever fathom. One day, as the youngest child went with her mother to visit a friend, the three year old turned around. She did not see her mother anywhere. “Where is my mother?” she said. I will go look for her. Read the rest of the article on Mamalode online magazine HERE....more

I write a column about parenting my three children in various stages: school-age, tween, and ...more