Mammogram Results!!

The phone call came yesterday afternoon. The questionable lump in my breast ended up being benign cysts, even though they had ruled this out initially.  Hallelujah! Cancer free for now! Now I can start blogging about some more pleasant things....more

The Top 4 Things I Learned from my First Mammogram

After hearing so much about how mammograms are rather painful, I had a huge fear about getting my first one. No amount of cute breast-shaped cookies on Pinterest or #SaveTheTatas hashtags could undo my worry.Clearly, I knew that getting one was important. Having just turned 40 this past August, it would establish my baseline and start me on a path that kept me even more focused on my overall health.The importance of getting one was a given. My issue was, as it is in many instances in life, a fear of the unknown....more

Early Detection Of Breast Cancer: How Getting A Mammogram Can Help (VIDEO)

When you go for a mammogram, you hope for the best. You hope that you won't receive that dreadful phone call from the doctor telling you they found something abnormal on your mammogram X-ray. Since October is breast cancer awareness month, I thought I'd share my story and show how important it is to have a mammogram each year....more

Mammograms and the Fear of No Future

"If the hardest thing I have to do today is remember not to put on deodorant, this will be a good day." I hate mammograms. Every time I "pass" one, I feel I've been granted another year to live. I go into the screening tense and sober; I leave relieved. At least, I always have. Except once. ...more
Barbarahughes  Thanks, Barbara! I am right there with you! (Well, not literally.) :)more

I Got My Mammogram. Have You? Let Me Walk You Through It.

Bellonheels.comI write about what I live. My life. I write about being a stay at home mother because that is what I do every day.I write about how much I love my kids. Almost to the point that you probably want to barf....more

My 1st Mammogram - a Video Walk-Thru

This video is from 4 years ago but it is very much still relevant. I had my 1st mammogram and was so nervous about it because I would hear such negative things. So I took my video camera with me and recorded before, during, and after about having my first mammogram. If you are 40 (or whatever age your doctor suggests) and are nervous about having your first mammogram done -please watch this! Robyn's Online World...more

Mammogram: Modern Day Torture Device?

I have dreaded my yearly mammogram since I received the prescription from Doogie Howser a few months ago. Although I acknowledge that regular mammograms are extremely important since early detection of breast cancer saves lives, I look forward to having my boobs squished by a machine about as much as I enjoy going to the gynecologist. ...more
This was a really funny piece--thanks for seeing the humor in the experience. It is quite ...more


(originally posted @ My Really Real Reality) It's that time again.  Once a year, I get smashed.  If you're female and in my general age range (or older......more
 @KarenLynnn 5 years!!  Woot!  Woot! more

The Mammogram

On Thursday, May 17th, I experienced my first mammogram. ...more

Ma'ams-o-gram: Take Two, with a Twist

The results are in... with a twist! ...more