BREASTS OF STEEL: Another reason why mammograms matter

This post is dedicated to my daughter who had her first mammogram last week.  She turned 40 years old this year and that is the age her physician recommended she begin the squash, squeeze and photo session.  While I make light of the process of how the mammogram is done, there is nothing humorous about the importance of getting a baseline image at first and then annual repeat screenings.   Early detection and treatment of breast cancer is important to achieving the goal of healthy survival.  I say go MAMMOGRAMS!! ...more
@HomeRearedChef Thank you so much for reading and commenting.  Most of all, thank you for ...more

Please Don't Talk To Me While You're Squeezing My Breasts

No, I don’t mean my husband. (This isn't that kind of story.) I do mean you, Ms. Mammogram Technologist. ...more
@MarciaReich Exactly! Nothing better than being felt up in silence! ;-)more

Another Look at Thyroid Shields and Mammograms

In a recent conversation I had with an Ob/Gyn, she mentioned her belief in the necessity of having a thyroid shield when getting a mammogram. I made a mental note of it, and decided it was worthy of further assessment. When I went for my test, I mentioned it to the technician. A doctor came in to explain that it wasn’t necessary—but that was the extent of her feedback. As a strong supporter of patient advocacy, I decided the topic needed some further investigation. ...more

Mammograms Better Than Thermography

I just went in for my annual mammogram and had to go back for more magnification views and an ultrasound....more

When You Get A "Call Back" On Your Mammogram...

The first time I got a "Call Back" on my mammogram, fear immediately gripped me and I felt like throwing up.  My heart began to race and I could not stop shaking or crying.  My husband came to my rescue as the strong supportive mate that he is.  When they told me I would have to wait days to have additional tests run, he insisted they do them right away...and he also got the results the same day.  I KNOW...unheard of, huh?  Well, he just has this way about him; he never takes "No" for an answer.  That was two years ago.  I agonizingly went back to the brea...more
Had my first mamogram at 57 yrs old. Need to go for diagnostic and ultrasound? I have been ...more

Sisters: See You at the Mammomat

Can Our Hair Reveal Breast Cancer?

Could hair tests someday provide a viable alternative to mammograms?  An Australian research consortium is exploring the possibility after discovering that hair from women with breast cancer had a different cell structure to hair from women without the disease....more

Demystifying the Mammogram

Boobs. Ta Tas. Breasts. Hooters. Call them what you want, ladies. We all have them. If you were writing a little ditty about them, it might start off a little something like this: “Some are big, and some are small. When you get older, they start to fall.” But I digress…...more

Mammograms; Nothing to Fear

You know how I told you that I had to have my first mammogram? Well, I did it last week. But not before I got news from Texas Bestie A that made all my fears and anxieties about having it done seem silly....more

Breast Cancer Screening & Mammograph

One bra does not fit all!  And one set of recommendations for Mammograms likewise doesn't apply to every patient.  It needs to be individualized based on that patients own unique family history and situation. This is the recommendation from a paper published in the Annals of Internal Medicine....more