Learn If You're at High Risk for Breast Cancer

Check out This Informative New Video Featuring Nurse Barb and El Camino HospitalWatch Nurse Barb's Breast Awareness Segment! Follow me on Twitter@NurseBarbDehn...more

Don't Put Hard Boiled Eggs In Your Bag

I went into the city yesterday for my annual mammogram. Controversy aside, since my insurance company pays for it, I do it. It’s that simple. When I went into the dressing room to put on the two sheets of paper towels the medical field calls a gown, I looked in the mirror and saw that my pants zipper was down. ...more

But I'd actually have to have the idea BEFORE I make the deed is done. It was just one of those ...more

National Mammography Day

It probably comes as no surprise to you that there is a National Mammography Day, or that it is in October - on the 19th to be exact. Does it surprise you to hear that Senator Biden authored the National Mammography Day resolution 15 years ago? ...more