Lovelies Guides to Getting The Guy Begins NOW!

Welcome everyone. Please, nice to meet youListen.This is my new bloggggy, FIRST post. So be a bit appeasing if you don't see much around. Ill update it, I swear.Here's my plan guys n gals:I wanna  help you to understand your relationships, their transitions,and help you make decisions about your man if you have one, and also recognize new opportunities if you are single and looking.T Ladies, let the man hunt begin!Stay tuned!...more

Women make men stupid, says Dutch study.

A new study by Dutch researchers at the Radboud University Nijmegen, in the Netherlands revealed that women can temporarily affect a man’s brainpower, even the presence of a female name on an instant message or text was enough to have an impact.The researchers recorded changes when male participants were told that they were being observed by a woman....more

Segment 12: The Man in the Truck

Blog DirectorySegment 12: The Man in the Truck Stepped into a crowded bar drinking a ‘Roman holiday’ (sweet vermouth, maraschino cherries, soda water, rum, bitters, paper umbrella to top it off), and I bumped through a bunch of girls till I made my way through the front to hear the music without earplugs....more

Being a Man at BlogHer

A year ago I decided to sail about and see the bloggy part of the world. I’d already started a dad blog and begun learning the ropes. This August, I betook myself to San Diego and booked ship on the Mer de Femmes, otherwise known as BlogHer ‘11.This is my ship's log.BlogHer is a sea of 3,000 women. This is a very large number of women to be immersed in if you’re a man. Many more than I've ever known, seen, or imagined. Overwhelming, actually....more
Kristen -- You can be my wing wo-person anytime. Ron -- Let's fly in formation at Blog Her ...more

The Man In the Truck (Short Story)

Blog Directory I was pouring the hot water for the macaroni in the dish sitting in front of Vicky, the little girl, along with her brother, that I was babysitting, when I saw a light flash on across the street in that guy's frontyard. The hot water steamed full until it was almost pouring over when Vicky yelled at me that I wasn't watching. I pulled back up the tea percolator and found her blue cocktail napkins to wipe off the table next to her dish and said I'd only poured a few drops....more

I Write Like A Man

Or at least that’s what the internet tells me. Today I stumbled across a web site called “The Gender Genie.” Sounded like something that would instantly turn me into a man, so I had to check it out. Turns out that it analyzes a block of text and predicts the gender of the author based on words used in the text, such as ‘with,’ ‘your,’ and ‘her’ for women and ‘above,’ ‘more,’ and ‘is’ for men....more

Gift Guide for the Men

If the men in your life (husband, boyfriend, dad, brother, older son…) are anything like mine,  I know that I can forget about getting a Christmas list from them. After 24 years of marriage I have finally stopped asking for one from my husband. I just need to be really creative…...more

The measure of a man....

How do you define a man?  Is he the provider of your household?  Is he that person that can fix anything and everything?  Is he strong?  Smart?  Funny?  Sexy?  I would say yes to all of the above because that is my sweet husband, each of the things I listed is one of the many reasons why I love him.  WAIT!!!  Don't go away...I promise this isn't a gushy (I love my husband) blog...though I DO!!!  This is a blog about a MAN before he becomes a man.My teenage son (the Jolly Green Giant aka The Beast) proved to me and his fathe...more


(I do love me some "I love my (husband, partner, etc)" these days, though! ...more

Dominant Man

Propensity for Submission                                           ...more

Lilly Ledbetter Has Her Day

Obama signs Fair Pay Restoration Act -Megan Southwick, ...more