In theatres this week from writer Adam Simon, director Dito Montiel and Lionsgate is a world after war when there is a MAN DOWN.Gabriel Drummer (Shia LaBeouf) is a soldier attempting to come to terms with his home life and that of being a soldier. At home is wife Natalie (Kate Mara) and son Jonathan (Charlie Shotwell) along with best friend Devin (Jai Courtney)....more

Rihanna vs. the Parents Television Council: 'Man Down' Video Inappropriate?

In the middle of a season of crazy tornado weather and political scandals, what was the lead story yesterday on The fact that Rihanna's new music video was being called 'inexcusable' by a parent watchdog group. ...more

I want to clarify, I blame Chris Brown exclusively. I certainly don't believe that she is at ...more